Chawosauria has a long history of acceptance towards LGBT Chawosaurians. 

Chawalliankalitan Era (2580 BCE - CE 1895) Edit

The Chawalliankalitans were socially accepting towards LGBT Chawalliankalitans, Demigander was Chawosauria's first openly gay monarch, Waronardo was Chawosauria's first openly bisexual monarch. The Chawalliankalitan Monarchs had even passed laws favoring LGBT Chawalliankalitans.

Santiago Era (1900-1975) Edit

LGBT Culture rose in Chawosauria, the British Model has made homosexuality illegal in Chawosauria in 1900 but was overturned in 1941 for Male Homosexuals, 1943 for Male Bisexuals. Lesbianism was illegal until 2017. Emperor Santiago's only events when he addressed Homosexuality was World War II and Stonewall. In the Stonewall Riots and then the LGBT Uprisings and Movements in the 1970s, Santiago blamed Germany for the newly formed LGBT Rights Movement, saying if the Nazis had not persecuted gays in the Holocaust, the Western Civilizations would not face the Gay Rights Movement. At Santiago's funeral in 1976, several Homosexual Citizens were allowed to attend the state funeral under Nicholas McClellan's request.