Koslevickro (?-398 CE) was a Chawalliankalitan Emperor. Widely considered an African or Egyptian. Koslevickro was the only Chawosaurian Ruler to have been born in both the Roman Empire and Egypt. The Very First Chawosaurian Ruler in Chawosaurian History to have been born in a nation or region rather than the region where Canada will be in the future be located.

His Religion was recorded, Ancient Egyptian Religion, which he brought to the Chawosaurian Golden Age. His Religion slightly influenced Chawalliankalitanism.

Monarchy (326-398 CE) Edit

Koslevickro was a stranger who some how was able to come to Chawosauria's Ancient Land. It is Theorized that when the Romans invaded or ruled Egypt, an Egyptian Boy joined the Roman Army, invaded Germania, and was led to the Arctic Circle, and Encountered an Arctic Civilization.

Back in Koslevickro's time, Egypt was ruled by the Roman Empire, Koslevickro spend his time in Africa, went to the Savannah, and joined the Roman Army.

When Encountering Chawalliankalita, Koslevickro earned the Chawalliankalitans' trust after an era of hostility, and eventually became Emperor after the death of Maronardo.

He began his monarchy with Sex Parties, which was fine with Chawalliankalitan Society and Religion. He promoted the Egyptian Religion and Culture within Chawalliankalitan Culture, the very first rise of Multiculturalism in Chawosaurian History. Koslevickro Chawosauria lived under a time a Biculturalism. But in 398 CE, he died in an Advanced Age.

Legacy Edit

Koslevickro left a huge footprint of Multiculturalism. Since 2017, Chawosauria's Multicultural Movement started using the Koslevickro Snowflake as a symbol of Multiculturalism in Chawosauria.