Katherine Mary Roosevelt (b. May 18, 1946) is a Chawosaurian Painter and Propaganda Designer and one of the Daughters of Timothy Max Roosevelt and Elizabeth Mary Alexandria. She has no role in Chawosauria except as the Daughter of Timothy. She was never married and does not have any children, she has 22 biological siblings.

Early Life Edit

Katherina Roosevelt was born on May 18, 1946, in Canberra, Australia. As a girl she loved to paint, she enjoyed painting and she became a Painter in 1963. She graduated in New South Wales in 1965. She married Christian Delano McClellan in 1968 and had five children.

Career Edit

Katherina became a painter in 1963, at the age of 17. She became famous for quite some time. She was responsible for the painting propaganda designs of her father's military parades and most notably the Military Coronation of her father in 1976.

Post-Painting Career Edit

Katherina retired in 2009, she still paints and she made no appearance in the funerals of her father in 2011 and her mother in 2013.

Personal Life Edit

Katherina never married nor she had an interest, she never had nor she had ever raised a child. She was speculated to be a Lesbian for quite some time because she never expressed interest in men. She enjoyed long walks on the beach and vacations. Her favorite place to go vacation on Halloween is Danvers, Massachusetts because the town is the exact location of the Salem Witch Trials.

Notable Works Edit

  • 1963- Fantasy Kingdom.
  • 1965- Witchcraft Kingdom.
  • 1967- Communist Empire.
  • 1976- Designs of her father's military coronation.
  • 1989- Alice and Wonderland.
  • 2005- Gasbag.

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