Kaiser the Cat (born January 3, 2017) is the pet Maine Coon Cat owned by the Bismarck Family in Romania. Kaiser was a gift from the Montgomery Family as a symbol of cooperation between the Montgomery Family and the Bismarck Family as Aristocratic Families in the Chawosaurian Imperial Family. 

Kaiser was born in the United States in 2017, he was transferred as a half-grown cat to Poiana Brasov, Romania, to live with the Bismarcks in that area. He is the family pet of Jonathan Dragan Bismarck XIX, his wife, Elisabeth Viktoria Bismarch, and their eight children. 

A Maine Coon Cat, Kaiser is oversized, which it's reason why he is named "Kaiser" a German word for "Emperor" and throughout history, Emperors were considered the bigger authorities, sometimes as demigods.  

Kaiser's personality is like the average cat, curious, friendly, desires to hunt and to snuggle. Kaiser is a joy around the Bismarck Family, he is often needed in times of grief, entertainment, and or if a Bismarck Family is bored.