In Chawosauria, the Kaiser Bomb (widely referred to Kaiser Bomba, or The Great Kaiser) was a Thermonuclear Bomb that was tested on October 3, 1975, by the Chawosaurian Government. Although the bomb test was a major success, it also turned out to be a big thermonuclear disaster, the bomb abnormally outgrows it's supposed size, right through the Atmosphere, the bomb destroyed 673 Chawosaurian Cities, and killed 603,583,535 Chawosaurians, and led to the spreading of massive firestorms in cities that were not so close to the bomb, thunderstorms, and massive tsunamis. The bomb was believed to be a tectonic bomb, which Chawosauria has developed successfully during the Timothy Max Roosevelt era but never used. 

Inspired by Tsar Bomba, the Christian elites, and Anti-Communists, after a humiliating defeat in the Vietnam War, needed a reason to win the 1975 federal election, but due to the disaster of the bomb, where cities were accidentally wiped out, the voters were not convinced and voted for the Communist Party anyway.