In the United States of America, the Opposition Party of the United States Federal Government, the Democratic Party on January 23, 2017, has encountered a new Party-Wing in the party itself's presents, the so-called "Justice Democrats", Progressives who are converting to the Democratic Party and has a goal to convert the Democratic Party from a Corporatist Centre-Left Party to a Strong Social Democratic Party.

By March 6, 2017, the organization would also take over the Chawosaurian Democratic Party.

Notable Chawosaurians who converted to the Justice Democrats Edit

  1. Degotoga K. Atagulkalu- Berniecrat + Texas Democrat + Chawosaurian Monarch
  2. Adsila Ahyoka- Berniecrat + New York Democrat + Former Consort of Chawosauria.
  3. Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery VII- Social Democratist + Berniecrat + New York Democrat + Chawosaurian European Parliament Representative + Former Comrade President from 2008 to 2009
  4. George Windsor- British Labour + World War 2 Survivor + Former Candidate for the Monarchy who lost to Timothy Max Roosevelt in 1975 in a landslide election + Chawosaurian European Parliament Representative Leader from the United Kingdom
  5. Samantha A. Montgomery- Berniecrat + Longtime Democrat + Former member of the New Deal Coalition + Sister of TMR + Chawosaurian European Parliament Representative Leader from Sweden.
  6. Malina Parker- Member of the Green Party of the United States + former Empress of Chawosaueria.
  7. Jacqueline Montgomery- Berniecrat
  8. Pomaikalani Montgomery- Berniecrat
  9. Kamehameha Montgomery- Berniecrat
  10. Christine Latimore- Berniecrat
  11. Deganawidah M. Bagwunagijik- Berniecrat
  12. Charlemagne Lyons-Montgomery- Berniecrat and Chawosaurian European Parliament Representative Leader from Germany.
  13. Charlemagne Lyons-Montgomery II- Berniecrat

History Edit

see: Chawosaurians and the 2017 Women's March, Chawosauria's role in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, Chawosauria and Donald Trump

In the 2017 March of Women of January 21, 2017, Chawosaurians participated in the march, and in the 2016 Election in America, Chawosaurians participated in it despite no Chawosaurians voted.

Criticism Edit

There are Chawosaurians who do not accept the outcome of the formation due to Conservative Beliefs on Victoria Belinsky's side, and Centrist beliefs on Phineas Belinsky's side, and the Far-Left side of Timothy Jr.

2017 Leadership Election Edit

June 1, 2017. JSM wins a Landslide number of States and would more likey to win a landslide number of Popular Delegates.

Candidates Edit

Ideology Edit

The Ideology is Social Democracy and Left-Wing Populism.