Joseph Hawlks (February 17, 1947-February 1, 2015) was the dictator of North Alaska and was responsible of the overflow of the Chawosaurian Liberation Movement because of his alliance with Timothy Max Roosevelt ii.

Hawlks was a brutal dictator who killed 21,235,763 people and he was in charge of the Alaskan Spit. Hawlks had been the icon of Chawallian Communism until the Liberal Overflow and he was born into a time of Stalin.

Childhood Edit

Joseph Boris Hawlks was born in the Soviet Union from after recovering from the damages of World War 2 and his father is still alive, Joseph shot a turkey from a bedroom window and his father was proud.

Joseph served in the red army after graduating from the Moscow State University.

Adulthood Edit

Joseph Hawlks served in the red army and went to Vietnam and returned to the Soviet Union with pride in 1975.

Joseph Hawlks had been a great war hero and when he married, he had a son and lived in Leningrad (St. Petersburg), Hawlks had been a great father and when his son graduated to serve in the red army, he lost his life in 1987.

Joseph Hawlks had been a member of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union for a longtime, but when the Soviet Union fell, Hawlks was in grief.

Dictatorship Edit

Joseph Hawlks became Dictator of North Alaska in 2013, he had been a torturous man for two years and he signed an Alliance with Timothy Max Roosevelt ii on October 9, 2014.

Joseph Hawlks had worked with Timothy ii until he was overthrown in January 2015, Hawlks went with Timothy ii in Ottawa, Canada and he had been safe there until his death

Death Edit

Joseph Hawlks died on February 1, 2015 in Ottawa, Canada of a heart attack which was caused by the fact that he had breathed to hard.