Jonathan Sarban Boleslaus III, O.W. (first class) Prince Boleslaus of Wolfsberg, (January 24, 1790 - December 25, 1893) was a Wolfsberg politician who served as the Chancellor of the Wolfsberg Empire from January 1, 1890 to his death on Christmas in 1893. Boleslaus was a dictator, challenging Emperor Gustavus II of Wolfsberg and resisted the Wolfsberg withdraw from the war. In 1859, while serving as a Chawosaurian regent and general, Boleslaus was a potential choice for Prime Minister of Chawosauria but was unexpectedly turned down by the Emperor, who chose his first cousin, Frederick William Schwartz, instead, this angered Boleslaus and turned the Wolfsbergs against the Chawosaurians.

A member of the Boleslaus family, Jonathan Sarban Boleslaus III was born in Vienna, Austria, Holy Roman Empire, on January 24, 1790, to Jonathan Sarban Boleslaus II and Elisabeth Mariana Beckman. In 1837, he married his third cousin 3x removed, Elisabeth Mary Wolfsberg (Princess Elisabeth of Wolfsberg), who was the Princess of the Wolfsberg Empire, thus making him the Prince of the Wolfsberg Empire, making him Prince Boleslaus of Wolfsberg.

He entered the Orbian World, intermarrying into the Wolfsberg Empire, marrying Princess Elisabeth of Wolfsberg, and had five children. He entered the Chawalliankalitan Empire in 1856 and the Chawopolis Palace established the Prime Minister's office in 1859, Emperor Montgomery strongly recommended Boleslaus for the post, but the Emperor, not knowing who Boleslaus was, decided to appoint his cousin, Frederick Schwartz, instead, angered and alienated the Wolfsbergs, Boleslaus, and endangered Chawosauria for the incoming First Brutal War.

In the First Brutal War, Boleslaus became Supreme Commander for the Wolfsberg Military for the war, and defeated the Chawosaurians, prominently in the Battle of Queen Elizabeth Islands and Battle of the Arctic Ocean, two decisive victories for the Wolfsberg Empire. Under the orders of Gustavus I the Great, Boleslaus received the Order of Wolfsberg for his victories, but the war even within the Wolfsberg Empire was unpopular, when the Chawalliankalitan Empire fell, the Wolfsbergs allowed the British to take over Chawosauria instead of the Wolfsbergs taking over Chawosauria, and Boleslaus became Chancellor in 1890 but died in office, the war caused a civil war in the Wolfsberg Empire, in which the government won, but compromised after World War II.

Jonathan Sarban Boleslaus III was one of the most narcissistic figures in Chawosaurian and Wolfsberg Histories, always cared about political power. Having he became Prime Minister of Chawosauria, Chawosauria would've won the First Brutal War, but Boleslaus may would've died in office if he served a fourth term.

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