Jonathan Saint Nicholas Bismarck XXIII (January 3, 1820-December 25, 1945) was an American Slave Owner, Farmer, and former Supporter of the Confederacy. A Democrat supported Andrew Jackson, opposed the Whigs, and resided with the Copperheads to maintain his right to own his slaves. However, he despised Abraham Lincoln.

He was born on the Bismarck Slave Plantation to an Aristocratic Family, on January 3, 1820, in Sevier County, Tennessee. In 1836, he turned 16 years of age and his father handed Jonathan the Slave Plantation. Bismarck purchased 7,565 Slaves. As he progressed his abusive ownership over African-Americans. As the Controversy of Slavery erupted like a Volcano, American Society lost social order, the Republican Party was formed based on a platform to prevent the expansion of Slavery in the Western Territories for Free White Workers to run free to the West and not having to compete with the Slave Labor System.

As the American Civil War broke out in response to the 1860 U.S. Presidential Election, Bismarck forced his son to fight for the Confederacy, Bismarck was ready to fight but he contracted Polio.