On February 1, 2017, it became publicly known to the Chawosaurian Press and Media that Chawosaurian President, Jonathan Ludwig Bismarck, Leader of the Chawosaurian European Parliament may have been having an Extramarital Affair. Victoria Belinsky and Gloriana Belinsky have both allegated that Sabrina Belinsky could be the one who is having a relationship with Jonathan Bismarck despite his new marriage with Jessica Webster.

In 2007, he was accused of raping 32 girls in High School, but the allegations were ruled "false" in the Long Island v. Bismarck on June 30, 2009, in the Porngate Scandal Trials.

History Edit

Ashley Wallace (2004) Edit

Ashley accused Bismarck of committing sexual touching and bullying, spanking her in the buttocks in Middle School and then when the Bismarck Allegations didn't really show up until 2008.

Jessica Webster (2008-present) Edit

Despite marrying Jonathan in 2016, Jessica had problems with Jonathan committing sexual assault as allegated, Bismarck was accused by his wife of rape in marriage and now having twins by 2017, Bismarck is being allegated of having an extramarital affair.

Sabrina Belinsky Affair Edit

A Scandal of having a secret extramarital affair with Sabrina Belinsky came into effect on February 1, 2017, allegated by Gloriana Belinsky, her mother. Gloriana after being told by her daughter, Sabrina, that she was dating Jonathan Bismarck, Gloriana told Sabrina that Bismarck was already married.

Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery VII Affair Edit

In 2008, Jonathan Bismarck was widely allegated to have a relationship with JSM, Montgomery and Bismarck were tarnished by these allegations and they suffered from Homophobic Hate Mails.