Jonathan D. Bismarck V (Ottoman Bismarck)
Coat of Arms of the Ottoman Empire
Coat of Arms of the Ottoman Empire
Vital statistics
Position Important Ancestor of the Bismarck Family
Age 105 (1495)
Born January 3, 1390

Bucharest, Second Bulgarian Empire

Died December 25, 1495

Istanbul, Ottoman Empire

Status deceased
Mother Sofia Bismarck
Father Jonathan Dragan Bismarck IV
Spouse Elisabeth Bismarck
Sons Jonathan Dragan Bismarck VI
Daughters No daughters or unknown
Physical attributes
Height 6.5 ft (corpse)
Weight Unknown
Jonathan Dragan Bismarck V (January 3, 1390-December 25, 1495) was an ancestor of the Bismarck Family. He is often referred to as Ottoman Bismarck or the Muslim Bismarck. He is often censored by the Bismarck Family because of the fact that he converted to Islam in 1405, the Bismarck Family wants a "clean Christian bloodline". The impossibility of censorship is stressful for the family. The family censored and erased their LGBT family members, but their Muslim family members are tough to erase.

Bismarck was born in the Second Bulgarian Empire in 1390 to Jonathan Dragan Bismarck IV, and Sofia Bismarck. He served in the Ottoman Army and fought many wars on the Ottomans' behalf.

At a time when nobody could possibly live this long, the Ottoman Bismarck passed away passed away at a very advanced age of 105, in 1495, in the capital city of the Ottoman Empire.

Early Life Edit

Jonathan Dragan Bismarck V was born on January 3, 1390, in Bucharest, at the time when the Second Bulgarian Empire was meeting it's last six years of existence. In 1396, six-year-old Bismarck witnessed the conquest of Bulgaria to the Ottomans. As Bismarck grows up under Ottoman control, he decided to defect from his Orthodox Christian faith to Islam in 1405, at the age of 15 and left to fight in the Ottoman Military.

Military Service Edit

Bismarck fought in the Ottoman Military, fighting against the Serbians. He served until 1470.

Marriage and Children Edit

Jonathan D. Bismarck V married Elisabeth Bismarck, a Serbian woman, and had only one son, Jonathan Dragan Bismarck VI.

Death Edit

Jonathan Dragan Bismarck V, at the impossible age of 105, passed away on December 25, 1495 (Christmas in the Christian calendar) in the Capital of the Ottoman Empire, at the Sultan's palace. The cause of his death is unknown, and it is rumored that he is buried

Legacy Edit

Bismarck is often censored from their family history by his family because of his affiliation with Islam. He converted to Islam and remained a Muslim until his death.

An Ottoman Bismarck Edit

The Rise Of The Ottoman Empire

The Rise Of The Ottoman Empire

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History of Ottoman Empire - Every Year

History of the Ottomans

Jonathan D. Bismarck V, the only known Bismarck family member who is an Ottoman, the rest of his past generations succeeding him lived under Ottoman Rule from 1396, to 1878.

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