Jonathan D, Bismarck IV
Vital statistics
Position Ancestor of the Bismarck Family
Age 95 (1435)
Born February 3, 1340

Bucharest, Second Bulgarian Empire

Died February 15, 1435

Bucharest, Ottoman Empire

Status deceased
Mother Charlotte Bismarck
Father Jonathan Dragan Bismarck III
Spouse Sofia Bismarck
Sons Jonathan Dragan Bismarck V
Daughters No daughters or unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Jonathan Dragan Bismarck IV (February 3, 1340-February 15, 1435) was an ancestor of the Bismarck Family. He was the first Bismarck to live under the Ottoman Empire.

Biography Edit

Jonathan Dragan Bismarck IV was born on February 3, 1340, in Bucharest, Second Bulgarian Empire, to Jonathan Dragan Bismarck III, and Charlotte Bismarck. He married Sofia Bismarck. He had only one son, Jonathan Dragan Bismarck V in 1390. In 1405, his son converted to Islam. In 1435, he died in his hometown at the age of 95.

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