Jonathan D. Bismarck III
Vital statistics
Position Ancestor of the Bismarck Family
Age 95 (1395)
Born January 3, 1300

Bucharest, Second Bulgarian Empire

Died June 3, 1395

Bucharest, Second Bulgarian Empire

Status deceased
Mother Charlotte Bismarck
Father Jonathan Dragan Bismarck II
Spouse Charlotte Bismarck
Sons Jonathan Dragan Bismarck IV
Daughters No daughters or unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Jonathan Dragan Bismarck III (January 3, 1300-June 3, 1395) was an ancestor of the Bismarck Family. He was a prosecutor known for his persecution of witchcraft, sodomy, and paganism. He was the son of Jonathan Dragan Bismarck II and Charlotte Bismarck.

Early Life Edit

Jonathan Dragan Bismarck III was born on January 3, 1300, in Bucharest, Bulgaria (now Romania), to Jonathan Dragan Bismarck II and Charlotte Bismarck. Where he went to school, like his father and grandfather, is unknown. He became interested in witchcraft and how to persecute them.

As a teenager, he was involved in witch hunts. In 1321, he married Charlotte Bismarck, a potential first cousin, and after numerous attempts to have a child, he finally had a son, Jonathan Dragan Bismarck IV.

Career Edit

Bismarck became part of the Justice system of the Second Bulgarian Empire in 1325. Bismarck was appointed by the Bulgarian Tsar, Michael III Shishman Asen, to investigate witchcraft in his area. Bismarck was involved in the convictions of people for allegedly performing witchcraft, homosexuality, and paganism. Bismarck's convicted victims were burned at the stake.

Death Edit

Jonathan Dragan Bismarck III passed away in Bucharest, on June 3, 1395, at the advanced age of 95. At that time, people rarely lived to their 90s. A year after his death, Bulgaria fell under Ottoman control.

Legacy Edit

Bismarck has a negative human rights record on Pagans, people who are accused, and LGBT people. Bismarck has a good legacy in the Bismarck Family and he is one of the family's most remembered and important ancestral figure in their family history.

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