The Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery VII Popular Vote Overflow or the Popular Vote Overflow or just the Great Overflow was a Chawosaurian Electoral Problematic Situation on where despite Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery VII has already won the election, winning Unanimous Constituencies and winning a landslide margin of the Popular Vote, the Popular Vote was overflowing on Johnathan's side, winning from 50,675,454 votes to 165,998,665 votes on November 1, 2007, to November 7, 2007.

The Cause of the Great Overflow was Left-Wing Populism, this was the first time in Chawosaurian History an election suffered or struggled from a popular vote overflow.

Background Edit

Montgomery won the election based on campaigning based on Left-Wing Populism, which caused the Great Overflow. The causes led to the Overflow was the September 11 Attacks, the War on Terror, the Financial Crisis, the Great Recession and the 2006 United States Midterm Elections.