The Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery VII Comrade Presidential Campaign of 2007 was a highly successful presidential campaign for the Comrade Presidency to succeed Incumbent President, Jonathan Bismarck.

It was a controversial campaign because it was promoting Left-Wing Populist and Nationalist Messages, defeating the Bishop Warlock Presidential Campaign by a Landslide Election.

Background Edit

Landslide Victory Edit

Montgomery won a devastating landslide in 2007, the most unexpected landslide in Chawosaurian History, nobody was expecting a 50 state and 5 territory Unanimity in this such a landslide, but it was more of a Unanimity rather than a Landslide, a Landslide is when a candidate won an overwhelming majority of votes, Montgomery did won a landslide margin in the popular vote, but won a Unanimity in the 538 College of Delegates.

An Upset Victory Edit

Montgomery was widely thought he would lose, but thanks to his Left-Wing Populism, he won a 50 state and 5 territory Unanimity in Delegation and a Landslide Margin Popular Vote.

History Edit

Announcement Edit

Montgomery VII announced his candidacy for the Comrade Presidency despite he had no experience in the Comrade Nation, he was very nervous that he might lose his first official election, Montgomery was a little man, about 5 foot 1, a huge reddish firemark birthmark on the right side of his face that burns in 67.8 to 79.13 Degrees Fahrenheit and is the worst pain he receives from his reddish firemark, he was 21 pounds, he was of Native American Heritage and he was an Outsider.

Left-Wing Populism Edit

Montgomery used Populism as a tool to win Landslide Margins in polls and votes in Primaries.