The Montgomery Family has a long history of Antisemitism, from 1943 to 1999, they fought against lawsuits pressured by Jewish Plaintiffs to continue the discriminations against Jews and many others.

Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery VII has a history of Antisemitism, he has demonized Israel, calling it the "Nazi Germany of Judaism" or the "Jewish Nazi Germany", and criticizing the Israeli Government for being too harsh on the Palestinians, the Palestinian Holocaust as many people such as Left Wingers would like to call it.

History Edit

Montgomery was raised by his family, left and right, to not honor Judaism, Holocaust Remembrance Day and any Jewish Event, nor know Jewish History and not call Antisemitism "bigotry". Montgomery was raised that Israel is the "Nazi Germany of Judaism" or "Nazi Israel", and Right-Wing Jews are "Fascists".

Montgomery opposed Jewish Rights, opposing any holiday honoring Judaism and the Holocaust and any event of Jewish History, Montgomery rejected the Old Testament because it's Jewish History and know Jesus is Jewish himself, but ignores it. As Comrade President, he vetoed a Holocaust Denial Criminalization Bill, calling it "Violation of Free Speech", and also vetoed a Jewish Bill of Rights.

Holocaust Denial Edit

Montgomery has never believed in the Holocaust, calling it a "Conspiracy Theory", and opposes Zionism. Speaking of Montgomery's Holocaust Denial, Montgomery commented "how could there be a "Jewish Holocaust" when there's a Palestinian Holocaust"?.

Anti-Zionism Edit

Montgomery opposes the Existence of Israel. Montgomery prefers Israel as "Nazi Israel" or the "Nazi Germany of Judaism", and believes Israel is hypocrisy against Humanity.

Views on Jewish People Edit

Montgomery was raised by his family to denounce, disregard and condemn Jewish People, his progressive hero, Bernie Sanders, is Jewish, Montgomery's response after asked about his opinion on Bernie Sanders' religion states "My Response to that (Bernie's Religion) is that the first amendment protects the right of speech and belief, which i personally do not condone his so-called "faith", but the first amendment protects free speech". Montgomery is not a fan of Solidarity for Jewish People, Montgomery vetoed legislations protecting Jewish People as Comrade President, and Montgomery voted against every bill defending Jewish People.

Montgomery dislikes Jewish People for the way they look, dress, or worship.