On October 26, 2005, it became publicly known that Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery VII may have been having Homosexual Affairs while having Heterosexual Affairs, on March 3, 2006, the Allegations began to spread widely in his community and thanks to the Rising Acceptance for LGBT Rights in New York, the Allegations don't mean it's bad as it would'if been if Johnathan was living in the 1940s, 50s, or 60s or Earlier than these decades or centuries. Homophobic Conspiracy Theories and even one Million-Time Proven False Conspiracy Theory that Allegated that Johnathan had Pedophile Affairs were and still are widely rejected.

Johnathan being accused as a Bisexual is today still popular in Chawosauria, his family, his community and the Military, Montgomery entered the United States Military during the time Don't Ask Don't Tell was still law, and thanks to the Obama Administration, the Striking down of DADT protected his Legitimacy, and continued his Legitimacy as an American Soldier.

History (2005-2009) Edit

2005: Mike Sniper Edit

The first Homosexual Allegation in Chawosaurian History took place on October 26, 2005, with Montgomery accused of having an relationship with Mike Sniper, which was a problem because Montgomery and Sniper were both Underaged under the Age of Consent Law of the State of New York, the allegations were problematic to his legitimacy as a Moral Student and the Principal was skeptical of the allegations. The allegations continued in 2007.

2008-2009: Porngate Scandal Edit

Montgomery faced many Homosexual and Bisexual Allegations during the Scandal, the Scandal may have tarnished his legitimacy, but his popularity was still at the 90s, polls show that they would never approve a Sexually Immoral person, ironically, Montgomery's approval ratings increased to 100.5%, the largest poll in the history of polling in Chawosauria. Montgomery faced a rigged election in 2009, Montgomery won the popular vote by 100%, defeating Joshua Warlock with his 0.4%.

Jonathan Bismarck (2008) Edit

Johnathan Montgomery and Jonathan Bismarck were widely accused of having an affair together, as well as with girls as well, widely accused of having Threesome Sex, Montgomery denied such allegations and Montgomery denied sexual orientation allegations.

Jacob Webb (2008) Edit

Johnathan Montgomery and Jacob Webb were accused of having an affair, as well as the sexual orientation surrounds Montgomery so heavily in 2008, it was a wide question of Montgomery's sexuality.

Warren Wallace (2006) Edit

A False Allegation of Montgomery and Wallace having some kind of "bond" and Montgomery denied allegations time over time of having an affair with Wallace.

Garfield Wallace (2007) Edit

On June 23, 2009, Montgomery and Garfield Wallace were founded to have a relationship based on sexuality as many others.

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