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Johnathan Fitzgerald MacKenzie (b. January 26, 1949) is the son of World War 2 Veteran, Austerlitz MacKenzie, and the husband of Wawetseka Montgomery.

He was born in French Occupied Section of West Austria, his father was a soldier who fought for Hitler on behalf of Nazi Austria, and was a veteran for the Vietnam War. His role in the Red Scare was more socially liberal, and he held a more progressive values in the Democratic Party.

In his marriages, he had multiple Extramarital Affairs, particular his first marriage with Christine Latimore, in 1989, he and his wife cheated on each other, causing an immediate divorce, in 2005, after a marriage with his mistress, Jane Parker, he married Wawetseka S. Montgomery, which in 1988, he lost to her in the 1988 Chawosaurian Comrade Presidential Election in a Decisive Margin when Wawetseka was 18 years of age and MacKenzie was 38 years old. On June 7, 2017, Sequoia discovered a son, Valerian Draco MacKenzie (b. 1999) born from his 2001-2003 Extramarital Affair, on which he secretly raised from his previous marriage with Jane Parker.