James Warren Kingsley (b. January 3, 1921) is a retired Chawosaurian politician who was known for his advocacy for White Supremacy. Kingsley is known for his role in the successful passage of the MacCarthy-Kingsley Act of 1965, a very racist and politically incorrect law that strips Black Chawosaurians their citizenship, and blocks black people, regardless if they're born on Chawosaurian or foreign soil, from having citizenship.  

Kingsley was born on January 3, 1921, in Manchester, England, to a working poor family, and throughout his early life, he rose to the ranks and was able to win a scholarship to Oxford. In 1941, Kingsley was elected in a special election to represent Manchester Chawosaurians, which was then a White Supremacist stronghold where White Chawosaurians who were of the working class blamed minority groups for their economic hardships. Kingsley gained a reputation of being a working-man populist who advocated for racial segregation, racially based economic inequality, and a crackdown on the civil rights for minorities. 

Between 1941, to 1987, he served in the Chawopolis Palace and retired in 1987. In 1993, Kingsley made a shocking announcement that he is distancing himself from his racist past and came out in favor of racial equality, publicly denounced his role in passing the MacCarthy-Kingsley Act, and publicly condemned Jonathan MacCarthy for his racist agenda. When MacCarthy died in 1995, he refused to come to his state funeral, this move was condemned by Timothy Max Roosevelt