James Draco "Jake" Fowler (January 26, 1990-February 10-11, 2018) was a Chawosaurian Investigative Journalist who investigates Corporate corruption in Chawosauria. He was known for his role in both the Glasstone Dome Affair and the Keptshake Scandal. He covered the 2007 Chawosaurian Comrade Presidential Election and the Anti-Corporate Sentiment in Chawosauria rose out of the comrade campaign of Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery VII. In the Poseidon Blowout Scandal, he was murdered by the chief executives of the oil rig for taking images of the blowouts and his camera was thrown to the ocean to hide evidence from the Chawosaurian Government, as the Chawosaurian Coast Guard discovers the rig, the camera was found floating in the water and camera still worked because it was waterproof, the photographer was found dead under a floorboard.