The Jacqueline Montgomery Charlemagne Lyons-Montgomery Affairs were Various Sexual Activities practiced by Charlemagne Lyons-Montgomery and Jacqueline Montgomery. The Affairs were noticed on March 22, 2017, when rumors speculate that Charlemagne was having sexual affairs with his cousin, Jacqueline. In the State of New York, Cousin Intercourses are allowed in the state but differs from the other states.

On April 3, 2017, it was well revealed that Jackie and Charles are having a baby together.

History Edit

In the Childhoods of Charlemagne and Jacqueline, they had a normal relationship, but when they secretly fell in love sometime in 2013, tensions between Charlemagne and Jacqueline were strange, they have stayed away from each other during public life, but when alone, a different relationship occurs.

On June 23, 2013, Charlemagne is seen to have been distracted when seeing Jacqueline for the first time in a year and appeared to be staring at her, after Jackie going home to Charlemagne's family, she was asked to spend time in Charlemagne with skepticism that anything would happen because of their family connections.

The Scandal mostly targeted Charlemagne because it was he who fell in love with Jackie first before, They started having sexual intercourses since then and the risk as of 2017 is only pregnancy which is remained unconfirmed.

Confirmed Pregnancy Edit

On March 31, 2017, the Pregnancy was confirmed and on April 3, 2017, DNA was confirmed as well that it was also Charlemagne's child.

Charlemagne Lyons-Montgomery Edit

Charlemagne was very targeted more than Jacqueline, even his own mother has targeted him as well, Charlemagne had went through Public Shame and Humiliation due to the Scandal and also targeted the Montgomery Family due to a big history of Sexual Misconduct.

Charlemagne Lyons-Montgomery of Germany said he was supposed tobe upset, but excited because he's having his first grandchild.

Wawetseka Montgomery & Johnathan MacKenzie's Response Edit

Johnathan MacKenzie and Wawetseka Montgomery expressed that they were supposed tobe upset, but were excited because they gonna be Grandparents. Adsila Ahyoka is super excited because of more Great-Grandchildren.