Jacob Tyler Webster (b. January 17, 1990) is a Chawosaurian Comrade who is the member of the Webster Family, and the grandson of Timothy Max Roosevelt II and great-grandson of Timothy Max Roosevelt and Elizabeth Mary Alexandria.

Jacob Webster is a member of the Webster family, the great-grandson of former Chawosaurian Prime Minister Garfield Lucas Webster, and former first lady Elissa Mary Lincoln. Webster faced racial prejudice from the Bismarck family, but favorable treatment from the Montgomery family. Webster was Comrade Vice President for Jonathan Ludwig Bismarck II, and Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery VII,

Early Life Edit

Jacob Tyler Webster, along with a twin sister were born on January 17, 1990, in Fairbanks, Alaska, USA, to Juneau Webster, and Charlotte Roosevelt. In 1999, Jacob's parents divorced and it turned Jacob's mother against the boy because Jacob his father's face although not of the same skin color as his father. Jacob was one of Juneau Webster's earliest children who were people of color. A month later, Juneau married his mistress, who became a strict stepmother to Jacob and his biological siblings. Jacob's tension with his mother escalated when Jacob started visiting her more at New York City, and finally, at the summer of 2002, Charlotte asked Juneau not to bring Jacob to her again.

Juneau Webster used the September 11 Attacks as an opportunity grab to encourage Jacob to get engaged in American Politics, Juneau successfully vaguely convinced Jacob to emerge himself into the Democratic Party by teaching him the difference between the two parties, so that Juneau could turn Jacob into a Democrat but Juneau did this indirectly to avoid making it appeared like Juneau was brainwashing Jacob, so that Jacob turning into a Democrat is not "technically" his fault, it could've gone the other way, but Jacob and Juneau, as father and son, shared the same genes, and eventually the ideas.