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Jacob Seth Nash was a pro-American Patriot who was a fighter of the American Revolutionary War and the supplier of the American Civil War, as the descent of Joseph Nash, he was the most important ancestor.

Jacob Nash fought the American War of Independence from 1776 to 1783 and supported the New Constitution, as George Washington, Jacob voted for Washington twice, Jacob Nash was one of those, who are the greatest Americans while fighting his life for a change.

In the Mexican-American War, Jacob wanted the U.S. to expand and he followed President, Polk's ideas. When the U.S. defeated Mexico, he said the west is needed.

In the American Civil War broke out, he send taxes and supplies to the Union and supported Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass. He mourned Abraham Lincoln's death and in the Native Americans, he opposed the American Indians being chased off their lands, he supported the Civil Rights for all races as Thomas Jefferson said that all men were and are all created equal.

Biography Edit

Jacob Nash was born on January 4, 1760 in the New York Colony of British America of the Colonial British Empire, his father was part of the British Army and he had good relations with the Native Americans, Jacob Nash loved the Native Americans and loved their culture, when Jacob was three in 1763, France lost their territories in the Canadian Lands, Jacob thought of the British as brutal. Jacob was 15 years old when the American Colonists began fighting for their independence, in 1776, the Declaration of Independence was signed and he was enlisted in the army to fight at 16, Jacob survived the war and when the treaty of paris was signed, Great Britain lost butt load of power over the colonies.

Jacob Nash became supportive to the war of 1812 and the U.S. won the war, the war in mexico was also fought and the west was regionwide opened for the United States, when the Confederacy attempted to break away from the United States, Jacob supported the union and the Confederacy fell in 1865 and in 1867, the U.S. buys Alaska from Russia and in August 18, 1868, Jacob Nash died.

Personal Life Edit

Jacob Nash married Kathryn Bruce and had 12 Children, he became a soldier in 1776 until 1783. Jacob had influenza and Jacob had a sexual disorder. Jacob was a Roman Catholic and he never attended church

Legacy Edit

Jacob Nash was a great patriot who showed an example to Chawosauria about the values of nationalism, in 1921, Timothy Max Roosevelt was told the story about Jacob Nash and Timothy's daughter married one of the Descents of Jacob Nash.