Jacob Luke Bryan (b. July 3, 1999) is the President of the Confederate States. Emperor DKA took the heavy blame for Bryan's victory in the 2018 C.S. Presidential Election over two capitalist candidates.

Early Life (1999-2018) Edit

Jacob Bryan was born in Miami, Florida, to the Bryan family, a family who are descendants to Grover Bryan, and relatives to Charles Dylan Bryan, James Dylan Bryan, and more members of the aristocratic Bryan family.

Bryan was raised into politics and became a Communist of his choice, and graduated high school in May of 2018.

Confederate Presidency (2018-present) Edit

Bryan was convinced to run for the Confederate Presidency after Emperor DKA called the 2018 C.S. Presidential Election after the Emperor himself suffered a major set back in the 2018 California election. Bryan agreed and took a shot. Surprisingly, Bryan won the Confederate election in a landslide because of minority voters and was sworn in as Confederate President on July 1, 2018.

Bryan's first major act as Confederate President was declared American Independence Day a Confederate Holiday as well. Bryan's approval ratings rose among minorities, but decreased among White Southerners.