In Chawosaurian Society, Irreligious Supremacy is the ideology among Chawosaurians who are Irreligious who believes that they are superior to those Chawosaurians who hold a religious or spiritual worldview regardless of religion.

Irreligious Supremacists believe that people who believe in the supernatural are inferior and should be immediately be assimilated to irreligious philosophy by force or they'll be exterminated if met with resistance. Irreligious Chawosaurians are the majority of society in Chawosauria, and Religious Chawosaurians are of the minority. The opponents of Irreligious Supremacy are multiculturalists, and Irreligious Supremacists have immense influence on Chawosaurian society, politics, the cinema industry, the media, and the military.

The September 11 Attacks and the War on Terror consolidated the influence and power of Irreligious supremacy at its greatest peak in Chawosaurian History. Prominent Irreligious supremacists, Communist dictator Timothy Max Roosevelt, the Communist Party, and several others were emboldened by the September 11 Attacks to make the lives of Religious Chawosaurians (Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, etc.) miserable in Chawosauria. The lives of Religious Chawosaurians have worsened caused by the September 11 Attacks, and discrimination against Religious Chawosaurians was widely encouraged in the early 21st Century.