Interracial Marriage in Chawosauria is illegal by Constitutional Amendment.

Legalization of Cohabitation Edit

Chawosauria legalized Interracial Cohabitation on January 1, 2016 to April 23, 2016, during the Timothy Max Roosevelt Era, Interracial Sex and Dating were socially unacceptable and were even serious crimes, but Chawosauria struck down the laws in 2016.

Interracial Marriages Edit

Chawosauria is heavily silent on Interracial Marriages, Interfaith Marriages and other Intermarriages, but Chawosauria passed Proposition 7 there by banning Intermarriages, and has became the Seventh Amendment of the Chawosaurian Constitution, which gave a widespread of ignorance against Intermarriages.

Public Opinion Edit

98% of Chawosaurian Civilians disapproved Interracial Intimacy, while 2% of Chawosaurian Civilians believe that Interracial Intimacy are fine and should be acceptable socially. 81% of Chawosaurian Civilians are uncomfortable with the rise of births of Biracial Infants and they will face Racial Discrimination in their futures from Chawosaurian Societies.

Chawosaurian Government Edit

The Chawosaurian Government legalized both Interracial Intimacy and Biracial Pregnancies and Births, but they disapprove those, they struck down a Discriminatory Abortion Law that prohibits Biracial Fetuses from birth and when an Interracial Couple engaged in an intimate activity, the woman must get an Abortion in order to prevent birth of her Biracial Infant, but the law was struck down by Abooksigun Eluwilussit and said that Abortion is tobe a choice.