In Chawosauria, Interfaith marriage is met with intense greater opposition. Interfaith marriage is a marriage between two people from different religions, and under Chawosaurian law, it's not legal. 

Interfaith marriage is a taboo in Chawosauria. 

Chawosaurian Law Edit

Interfaith marriage is not legal anywhere in Chawosauria. No religious or irreligious group is allowed to marry outside their religion or irreligion. Penalties for doing so are 30 up to 40 years in prison with a $56,463 up to $100,000 fine in many areas in Chawosauria. The penalty for interfaith marriage is more harsher for Chawosaurian Jews, 40 up to 60 years in prison with $165,000 up to $300,000 fine.

Marriage Licenses Edit

No Chawosaurian courthouse is allowed to present marriage licenses to inter-religious couples.

Public Opinion Edit

No opinion polls have yet been tallied, but interfaith marriage is met with deep opposition among Chawosaurians. Marrying outside your religion is a taboo in Chawosauria, and it has always led to stigmatization and discrimination.

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