In Chawosaurian Politics, the House of Dynasties is an Institution in the Government of Chawosauria that has existed since the Chawalliankalitan Age to select a nominated successor to succeed a monarch when that monarch passes away. The House of Dynasties would mandate an election needed for that newly selected monarch in order to have the approval from the Chawosaurian People to actually have the mandate to govern on the people's behalf. They're in charge of certify elections, passages of legislation and monitor the monarch, they can't dictate the monarch's governing style but can punish the monarch for violating laws and crossing ethical lines by suspending them from power or removing them from power. The monarch can appoint new Lordmasters for the House of Dynasties.

In picking an Emperor, they delegate votes, but when it comes to elections, the Emperor is elected by the House of Dynasties based on popular vote, the Lordmasters elect a state, country, continent, etc, to be won by a Monarchical Candidate, but, the Head to Head Lordmaster elects the Monarchical Candidate winner based on the national popular vote, this is kinda similar to the United States Electoral College.

Current Members Edit

Head to Head Lordmaster Assumed Position Appointed and Ordained by Predecessor
Elagabalus Dionysus Breisacher January 3, 1901 Emperor Santiago Julius Eagleton Breisacher
Lordmasters Assumed Position Appointed and Ordained by Predecessor
Jonathan Breitbarth January 3, 1937 Emperor Santiago James Ashcroft
Edward Dallas Kennedy January 3, 1979 Timothy Max Roosevelt Julius McCoy
Frederick Breisacher January 3, 1945 Emperor Santiago James Silberdick
Isabella Barkley January 1, 1980 Timothy Max Roosevelt Charles McKinley
Richard McKinley January 3, 1996 Timothy Max Roosevelt Charlotte McKinley
Charlotte Rousseff January 1, 2000 Timothy Max Roosevelt Michael McKinley
George McKinley January 1, 2010 Timothy Max Roosevelt Jericho McKinley

5-2 of the Lordmasters are hand-chosen by Timothy Max Roosevelt, the Communist Dictator of Chawosauria. Their leader is Elagabalus Dionysus Breisacher.