The History of Chawosauria is wide.

Prehistoric Chawosauria (Until 2580 BCE) Edit

Time of the Dinosaurs Edit


Dinosaurs in 3D image

The Chawosaurians didn't exist during the Dinosaur Era, however, fictionally, the Chawosaurians didn't exist at all because in that time, they're were no humans, just wild beasts who controlled the junglely world, a world with weird prehistoric creatures that we don't see today, in the world today, Dinosaurs still exist, Birds, Crocodiles, Alligators.

And Prehistoric species like rats, still exist, History never dies, people may think that, but it's true at every cause, History repeats itself always, like example, Israel was there in the middle east at the time of the Ancient Egyptians, but dissolved under the Romans, after World War 2, Israel returned in 1948, so did Egypt. China is one of the world's most oldest surviving countries, but divided under the People's Republic of China and the Republic of China (Taiwan).

Extinction of the Dinosaurs Edit

Extinction of the Dinosaurs

Asteroid hitting the Earth with destructive and extreme force worse than the force of a nuclear bomb

The Dinosaurs died out due to the asteroid hitting the earth with extreme force much much worse than an atomic bomb, however, Earth was a disaster of a planet, the oceans survived maybe.

All the trees and plants died, everything died, but were survivors, the ancient ancestors of the Human Race, the crater can be found in Mexico. The Ancestors of us had existed through this horrible disaster, they didn't witnessed it because of back then, their brains, or they were hitting in the day time because of the Dinosaurs, or were out in the night time on the other side of the earth but some of them may got wiped out by the disaster.

Aftermath of the Dinosaurs Edit

Prehistoric Animal

Prehistoric Animal

Without the Dinosaurs, there was peace, still no humans yet, there were Mammoths, Saber Toothed Tigers, they dominated the North American Landscapes, however, after the beginning of Earth's recoverment from the asteroid disaster, plants began to regrow and some Dinosaur eggs survived, but starved because there was no food.

In today's world, there's still a conflict between evolution and prehistory and Religion, but most people in the United States today believe in the theory of evolution and prehistory, so do i personally.

Rise of the Humans Edit

Homo heidelbergensis

A Prehistoric Human, or Homo-sapien

During the era of human evolution, which was thought up by Charles Darwin, a British Scientist, in today's world, there are still religious myths of how the earth was made and or how the first humans were made, like example, the Ancient Hebrews explained that Adam and Eve were the world's first man and woman, the theory of evolution continues to challenge creationism of other religions, Christianity expressed similar beliefs as the Ancient Hebrews while other religions have their own part of explaining how the world was made, the Hindus, the Buddhists, well you name it.

According to Charles Darwin, he explained that Humans were related to Apes, which if you look at the body features of Humans and Monkeys, they are alike if you look just alittle bit more closer into the surface.

When the very first Christians first red Darwin's evolution theory, they all went "what the hell is this trash" but today, most people in Europe and the Americas believe it today.

Migration of Humans Edit

Migration of Humans

Map of the Migration of Humans in the Prehistoric Era

When it was time for humans to built their new generations, they left Africa to find more food, more climate differences, more refuges and more homes, they crossed the ice age and desserts and more dangerous places, the first Native Americans, the first Asians, the first Europeans and the first Australians, while other Africans stayed behind, but by the beginning of the Colonial Era, the Humans will migrate again, but cause misery to the other people who's ancestors who got to those continents before the European Settlers have.

Stone Age Edit

Stone Age

The first writings on the walls, which led to the telling of history of wall writing from the Egyptians and Israelis or Chinese and even Native Australians

The Stone Age was a time the prehistoric humans started to write on cave walls, and was traced to the Ancient Egyptians, Native Australians and even the Europeans, even traced to the Chinese and even the Ancient Middle East.

The Stone Age was what gave birth to Civilization, the Prehistoric Humans made weapons out of stones and sticks, and made homes out of caves and made cloths out of animal skin and fur, which we still do it today, like it say, History never dies, the prehistoric humans even buried their dead under ground and we still do it today.

Rise of Civilization Edit

Ancient Civilization

Map of the world's first civilizations

After the Stone Age, the first Civilizations brought up after new ideas gave up noticed, however, Egypt was the first civilization older than any other civilization, the Egyptians established a religion, they established a language and established reading, they taught the Greeks and Hebrews to read and China also established a civilization as well.

Hinduism was established and the Europeans didn't established countries until the fall of the Roman Empire, the prehistoric humans didn't had the electronics to find out why were they around and or why the earth was here, so they created the idea of religion, and they didn't knew what the earth looked like, they created an idea of countries with rules so they created the idea of Government, but not ruled by the president, that idea was created by the United States in the 1780s.

Chawalliankalitans (2580 BCE - CE 1895) Edit

The Chawalliankalitans were the ancient ancestors of the Chawosaurians and were fictional, Chawalliankalita is the beginning of the Historic Fiction of the Chawosaurians, this is where it all started.

Settlement of the Chawalliankalitans Edit

Ancient Chawosaurians

Ancient Chawosaurians settling on Devon Island, Canada, back then, they were called Inuits, which the Inuit People still exist today and were not fictional.

The Birth Home of Chawosauria is Devon Island, which is an island on North Canada, it can be found that the island is still located in one of Canada's northern territories, Nunavut.

The Chawosaurians who were called Inuits, were not called Chawalliankalitans until 100,000 BCE, they were evolved in 100,000,000 BCE and in 80,000 BCE, they settled on Devon Island and were still part of the Inuits. The language the Inuit Chawosaurians spoke was Qikiqtaaluk, Inuit and more Arctic Languages.

Ancient Chawalliankalitan Culture Edit

Chawallian Lights

Chawalliankalitans believed that this frozen landscape is already heaven.

The Chawalliankalitans believed that the Arctic Snow Lands on Devon Island was already heaven, and the people who lived there were already dead, when an infant was born, the infant is the soul of someone who just died, but believed that they were in first heaven, when a soul dies, the soul becomes one of the stars, but when a soul was bad, the soul dies and his or her intersoul dies with it's body.

Chawallian Mythology

Snowy Landscape

Chawalliankalitans were very religious and were very Liberal because of the Chawosaurian Golden Age, which was a time when Chawosaurians were formerly liberal, and was part of Chawalliankalitan Culture.

There was a continent called Arctica, which existed until the end of the last ice age.

Beginning of the Chawalliankalitans Edit

A Group of Inuits were hanging out, enjoying themselves in the fast and very storming snowing environment, and some very old spirit came to them, he was Chawalliankalita, he was described all dressed in white and had a Polar Bear with him, the Inuits saw him and asked him for help, the white spirit said, "i found refuge in your hands, please take me as your leader", as the Inuits took him and as Chawalliankalita spoke to them, the Inuits thought he was very intelligent, they wanted to know more, they said "Please tell us more", the Inuits had renamed themselves the Chawalliankalitans, except other Inuits.

Chawalliankalitans wanted to hear how the world was made, so, Chawalliankalita brought up his version of the creation myth.

Chawalliankalitan Creation Myth Edit

Book of the Universe: In the beginning there was nothing, just black darkness, and then, an explosion of light, blocked the darkness away and then the lighting stars began to rise, and deep in the stars, there was a egg of two infants, once they hatched, the babies grew up, they were named, both, Chawo and Chawa, they were the first god and goddess of the universe, and then, they had three children together, Chawigold, Chawistar and Chawosina, Chawo and Chawa gave their three children a life of promise and joy, they were special, and were crown jewels of the supernatural couple, but once the boys went to an age of growth and time for one of them to take Chawo's place, one day, it was a special day, Chawo called his boys over, while Chawa took care of Chawosina, Chawo reached into the sky and grabbed two stars, once he grabbed the stars, they turned into gold, the gold balls, gave one to Chawigold, once Chawigold was handed the golden ball, the ball turned into ice, and Chawo gave the other golden ball to Chawistar, once Chawistar was handed the golden ball, the ball turned into the ball of fire, Chawo told the boys that one of these golden balls will turn into the most precious ball in the universe, the Ball of Color (Earth), and if one of the boys' balls turned into the ball of color, that child will take Chawo's place as King of the Universe.
Once time for bed, the Boys put their balls beside them, over night, Chawigold's ice ball began to change into the ball of color, once morning time, Chawigold noticed that his ball has changed, ice, green, brown, he can see animals into his ball's surface, it was the ball of color, he went to his father, woke him up and the whole family and into his sleeping entrance and got his ball and showed his father, the ball of color, his father was pounded away with joy, he hugged his son with completely joy and said, "you're my successor", but Chawistar looked at Chawigold in a negative way and left the room, Chawistar's ball never changed, it was still the ball of fire, but ever since the arrival of the ball of color, Chawistar had been having not such a good relationship with Chawigold, when Chawo died and Chawa left the boys and kept Chawosina, Chawistar gets upset everytime the Chawigold carries around the ball of color, Chawigold's mother gave Chawigold a rack of balls (solar system), and Chawigold added the Ball of color while Chawistar added the Ball of Fire into the rack. But Chawistar wanted his brother back, by wanting to destroy the Ball of Color, when Chawa died, Chawigold was left in charge of the universe, which caused Chawistar to attack Chawigold in order to destroy the Ball of Color, and once Chawigold and Chawosina defended the Ball of Color, Chawigold hugged Chawistar to cool him down, Chawigold had an idea for Chawistar, he can be part of the Ball of Color, which gave Chawistar the opportunity to curse the ball of color.
Chawigold had the godly power to put Chawistar on the ball of color to add him to his price, however, that was a bad idea, because it gave Chawistar the opportunity to curse the ball of color instead of destroying it with his own hands.
There were three brothers and their father on the ball of color, which Chawistar spotted, so he tricked his sister, Chawosina, to give them the blood ball, making Chawosina thought it was the ball of love, the father and the three sons were walking from Siberia to Alaska, the father said to his children, go without me, while the father was walking without his children, Chawosina showed up on the father and handed him the blood ball and told him to take it back to his tribe to his children as a father gift, as he got back to his children with Chawosina's guidance, as he went back to the tent, his sons went to the tent and noticed that their father was there, the father said, look at this red ball, the sons were amazed, they asked where the ball came from, the father said it was a gift, the father and the sons heard Chawosina's voice, telling them to open the ball, as they open the ball by breaking it, red smoke came out extremely, black and red smoke, Chawistar appeared from the smoke and spoke to the family, he handed each brother, three black balls, one ball was the ball of disease, one ball was the ball of hatred and the last ball, the ball of disaster, each ball is deadly, which Chawistar didn't told the family, and the balls will cause the whole family their lives, but, one of the brothers' balls, the ball of hatred and fear, had the spirit of hatred in it, spirit came out and went into the brother and entered the brother's dream, but killed him, after the ball broke and the Black Eagle of Hatred came out and went into the sky and the eagle as it fly, flapped it's wings and the dusts of hatred rained on earth from the flapping wings of the eagle, and hatred rose, the second brother had the ball of disease, but when the brother touched the ball, he had a disease and died, when he died, the ball broke the Black Eagle of Disease rose out of the broken ball and went to the sky and fly around the earth and then disease rained down on the earth from the eagle's flapping wings. the last brother had the ball of disaster, but, there was a huge snow storm, after the village froze, a huge tsunami (2,000 feet from the ground) crashed the frozen village, the ball broke under water and the black eagle of disaster fly out from the tsunami, but when out of the tsunami, the eagle fly the sky and then disaster rained on the ground from it's wing and caused tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, fire whirls, gustnadoes, dust devils, steam devils, downbursts, waterspouts, landspouts, cyclones and derechoes.
Then the father blamed Chawistar for the balls that killed his sons, so Chawistar wants his soul too, so he appeared to the father and handed him a ball, the very large purple ball, the father refused, but looked into his eyes and made him accept the ball, but when he touched the ball, the father died, while falling on the ground, the ball broke and then the Purple Eagle of Death rose up and then Chawistar ordered the eagle to fly around the earth and make death fall from it's wing on the earth while flying around the entire planet, and the eagle did so.

Rise of the Chawalliankalitan Civilization Edit

The Chawalliankalitans established the Chawalliankalitan Empire from under Chawalliankalita's name, but when he died in 80,000 BCE, his ideas continued to live on, from the Chawalliankalitans to Chawbalitan.

Chawalliankalitan Empire Edit

Chawigold Blessing the Ball of Color

Sky with lights, are considered by the Chawalliankalitans as Chawigold

The Chawalliankalitans have conquered Canada, Scandinavia, Greenland, Iceland, Alaska, Siberia, Across Europe and also Central Asia, the Chawalliankalitans conquered the North, after Chawalliankalita, the Emperors had brought joy and peace, the Chawalliankalitans condemned war and was against their ancient religion, war was a sin, and it's an unforgivable sin, by 50,000 BCE, they conquered the entire continent of North America, settled in the Caribbean, they didn't conquered the Native Americans, but had wars against them, the relationship with their Inuit Ancestors had been tough.

The Chawalliankalitans condemned prejudice and murder, they've passed a law against murder and prejudice, bullying had been illegal since 30,000 BCE and while Chawosauria still restores their ancient laws, their laws against discrimination never fell, except when Timothy was ruler.

But in 20,000 BCE, the Chawalliankalitan Empire started to fall apart with under the hands of Emperor, Qaronardolucas, he has committed unfair and unjust taxation, and soldier surveillance, the Chawbalitan War of Independence started.

Chawbalitan and the Chawbalitans Edit

Chawalliankalitan World


Chawbalitan was a boy who was chosen by his Scandinavian village to take action, he created an army and he was chosen by his intelligence, because of his teachings, the people who followed him were called Chawbalitans, who will be called in the future, Chawosaurians, he was 16 years old and he began to follow the rules of fighting, he as a Chawalliankalitanist, he condemned fighting, which Chawalliankalitanism was a religion, when the conflict began, he had a yellow mammoth, which was a gift from Chawigold, mythically, and used it to protect himself and then he ordered each attack through the independence of Chawbalitanity, for which, the Chawbalitans have successfully won battle after battle, but at his last battle, Chawbalitan won, and the First Chawalliankalitan Empire fell.

Second Chawalliankalitan Empire Edit

Devon Island

Devon Island, Canada was the Birth Land of Chawosauria

When Emperor, Chawalliankalita died, the Chawalliankalitans were lost, they couldn't run their army without him, after the victory of Chawbalitan in Iceland, the Chawalliankalitans stepped back from Europe, Siberia, Central Asia and Nationwide Canada and Alaska, to Devon Island, they were weaken badly.

The Chawalliankalitans liked their empire this size, it was better than bigger, they have been witnessing some paranormal and supernatural forces from the caves, as they lived underground, it was more terrifying, the haunted caves of Devon Islands.

The Haunted Caves of Devon Island Edit

Ice Caves

Ice Age Caves in Devon Island

Chawosauria never have paranormal stories, but one, after the fall of the First Chawalliankalitan Empire, the Chawalliankalitans had an idea, lets built homes in Ice Caves, but when the Chawalliankalitans first got there, they experienced supernatural forces, ghosts in the caves, the Chawalliankalitans got their butts out the caves after the ghosts creeped them out by haunting them.

The Chawalliankalitans have dissolved their plan to go underground and never went underground again.

Golden Age of Realigning Monarchs Edit

The Chawalliankalitans enjoyed an era of Realigning Monarch, in Chawosaurian Politics, a Realigning Monarch is a monarch who changes Chawosauria's Political Establishment in a very dramatic way, while an Aligning Monarch is a monarch who supports the political establishment of a realigning monarch. A Dealigning Monarch is a monarch who just reverse the Political Establishment of a Realigning Monarch without offering any political changes or just restoring the previous realigning monarch.

Emperor, Waronardo Edit

Waronardo was currently the first Realigning Emperor in Chawosaurian History as well as the first Bisexual Monarch in Chawosaurian History, he reversed the Political Establishment of Emperor Chawalliankalita, which was a turning more hostile to social changes and becoming more conservative. The so-called Waronardo Revolution has changed and redirected the Political Alignment of Chawosauria. After Waronardo's death, Waronardo has the most aligning monarchs than any other realigning monarchs as of 2018 CE.

Emperor, Koslevickro Edit

Koslevickro undoes the political establishment put in place by Waronardo. Koslevickro was born in Roman Egypt, fought in Germania as part of the Roman Empire's wars with the Germanic Peoples, and then gets lost, ended up in Scandinavia, sailing to Iceland, to the Arctic islands of Canada, and was captured by Chawalliankalitans. The Emperor offered Koslevickro in his palace, as the Emperor dies, his revealed testimony was that he wanted Koslevickro to be his successor. Koslevickro changed the political establishment that the Chawalliankalitans should push to become a Multicultural State, when he was in the Roman Empire, he condemned Rome's treatment of Christians, back when Chawosaurians never heard of Christians before, Koslevickro changed Chawosauria's social cultures.

Emperor, Maronardo Edit

Emperor, Maronardo the blessed, one of Chawosauria's most greatest emperors, he was witnessed as a very nice and wise man, but very blind, so blind that he accidentally hits people and things with his Cain, which the purpose of the Cain is to help touch stuff to know where he's going, which got ended up being disasteress with it, he one time walking towards the window, broke it with his Cain and didn't knew where he was going, he walked over the window and fell, but fell on somebody.

He witnessed an emergency alert from his palace, he ordered one of his guards to take him to the throne, but he's already at the throne, when he met the vikings, he wanted to give one warrior a hug, but hugged a statue, the vikings did not knew what to do.

Chawalliankalitanism Edit


Lights on sky were believed tobe the spirits

Chawalliankalitanism was a Chawosaurian Religion that a majority of them no longer worship because of the Colonial Era, they believe that the stars were the spirits and so were the night lights on the sky, they believed that the snow on the ground were the clouds of heaven, however, Chawosaurians no longer allow their ancestral faith.

The Chawalliankalitans had practiced their faith in a way of happiness, but those who don't believe in the faith, are not considered bad people, or sinners, just individuals you can be friends with.

People who were in the faith, Johnathan Saint Montgomery, was very associative to the faith. Chawosauria considered Montgomery as a failure, but he was the reason why Chawosauria was powerful, his failure was what Chawosauria great.

The Religion condemned prejudice, war, corruption, rape, incest, which are the only sins of the religion, also known as the 5 Sins.

Chawalliankalitans in the Viking Age Edit


Vikings arriving on Devon Island to meet the Chawalliankalitans

The Chawalliankalitans met the Vikings in the Viking Age, which lasted from the 8th Century and ended in the 11th Century, however, the Vikings and the Chawalliankalitans did got invaded by the Vikings on January 1, 1000 CE, the Some Vikings were Christian while other Vikings were Norse Faith, or Viking Faith, for which the Vikings who were Celtic Christian, wanted to Christianize the Chawalliankalitans, and the Chawalliankalitans fought back with the Chawallianic Wars, the Chawalliankalitans also passed another Religious Principal that considers Christianity a sin because of the Religious Extremism by the Celtic Vikings.

A Chawosaurian Scandinavian Activist, Gravel Schultz, is Jewish and is the activist of the Jewish Rights Movement in Chawosauria.

Chawalliankalitans in the Age of Exploration and Colonialism Edit

European Colonies in the Americas

European Colonization over the Continents of North America and South America

In 1492, when Columbus discovered the Americas, the Chawalliankalitan Emperor, Christian MacDonald was threatened by the presents of them, the French occupied so very close to the Chawalliankalitan Territory, which threatened them greatly so they have to surround their island with Battleships.

When the Europeans started to attack the Native Americans, the Chawalliankalitan Government were so very threatened that they might be next, they recognized that the religion of those European Settlers were Christian, and wanted to assimilate the American Indians into Christianity or enslaving Indigenous Individuals because they didn't believe in Christianity, so the Chawalliankalitans saw that Christianity is a dangerous religion, that encourages slavery and slaughter of Indigenous Peoples.

The Chawalliankalitans never knew the Europeans, so they passed and established Discriminatory Policies against Europeans and Christians.

Wars with the Pirates Edit


Pirate Ships landing on the shores of the Chawalliankalitan Kingdom

The Chawalliankalitans had constant wars with Pirates before. Emperor Maximilian had relations with the European Colonialists, but he faced a conspiracy theory that he might have been secretly and funding Pirates to help them rebel against the European Colonialists, which was illegal under Chawalliankalitan Law, including illegal for the Emperor, it would be counted as Treason if the theory was true, and the Emperor would've been subjected to removal from the throne and imprisoned.

The Chawalliankalitans had also had wars against the British and French, but when the British overthrew the French in 1763, it had been rough and threatening, in the fountain of youth, the Chawalliankalitans were the first to get it, but used it for the Emperor, but was unsuccessful when Christian MacDonald died.

Seven Years' War Edit

Seven Years War

The Chawalliankalitans played in a role in the Seven Years' War, it was well done that the British overtook Scotland and then overtaking the French in Canada, the Chawalliankalitans had a well relationship with the French and refused to accept the British. In 1763, the British won the war against the French and made an enemy out of them until the American War of Independence, and so, the Chawalliankalitans would be fighting again in the Revolutionary War of Independence.

Emperor Maximilian who secretly had negative beliefs on the European Colonialists, including the British, he set up a blockade against British Immigrants until the war was over, and again in the Revolutionary War.

American Revolutionary War of Independence Edit

Delaware River Crossing

General, George Washington crossing the Delaware River

The American Revolution gave the Chawalliankalitans an impact because of the rise of liberty against the Colonialists, however, when the War of Independence started, the Chawalliankalitans had been supporting the war, the Emperor was unnamed because the Chawosaurians don't keep track of all of their Emperors. And also the Chawalliankalitans helped the Native Americans find their way on the front side.

The Americans won the war in 1783, and the United States is a nation destined to revolutionize the world, even Chawosauria ironically.

Occident Age (1800 - present) Edit

Signs of Chawosauria becoming a westernized nation occurred with the appearance of the MacDonald family in the 14th century, but westernization didn't began until the presence of the Maximilian family, also an extinct family. One Maximilian emperor, George Maximilian, was emperor of Chawosauria from 1692 until his death in 1812. The Maximilian Dynasty educated Chawosaurians of western technology and philosophy, concepts that will not be in use for Chawosauria until the Montgomery dynasty.

Beginning of Westernization Edit

MacDonald Family Edit

Chawosaurian Emperors, Nicholas MacDonald, and Garfield MacDonald have entered Chawosauria to the idea of westernization because of their partial European blood. The MacDonalds were a family of potential English or Scottish descent. It is unknown when or why they fell under extinction. One surviving descendant, Elizabeth Molly McDonald, will become Chawosauria's first lady under Prime Minister Jonathan Dragan Bismarck XVII as also the orphaned child for the Bismarck family. Democracy didn't exist in Europe until after the American Revolution, so they fashionably modernized the Chawosaurian Monarchy.

George Maximilian Edit

Emperor George Lucius Maximilian was Emperor of Chawosauria from 1692 to his death in 1812. Maximilian was the person who really brought the idea of democracy to Chawosauria, an idea that will not be implemented until after the First Brutal War.

Collapse of the Chawalliankalitans Edit

Hunting of the Monarchy and Christian Rebellions Edit

As a result of Chawalliankalitans accepting Christian immigration, Christians in Chawalliankalita have been engaging in treason against the Chawalliankalitan government. Right-Wing Chawalliankalitan politicians have been stressing over the resistance made by Christian civilians and ran xenophobic campaigns against Christian immigrants. Puritans have been arriving to Chawalliankalita from England to avoid religious persecution, but Emperor George Maximilian closed the border against Christian immigrants because of the Christian rebellions in Chawalliankalita. There was an assassination attempt against George Maximilian by a Christian terrorist, and a Christian coup against the Emperor that went nowhere, Maximilian stayed in power and by 1800 came, Emperor Maximilian was concerned about Christian immigrations while still allowing Jewish immigration because Chawosaurian Jews didn't pose much of a threat as Christians had to Chawalliankalitan society.

Death of George Maximilian and Christian Terrorism on the Monarchy Edit

In 1812, Emperor George Maximilian died at the age of 122, of old age. George Maximilian was replaced by his dimwitted son Abooksigun Maximilian, who reigned Chawosauria from 1812 to 1843. In 1843, Abooksigun Maximilian was assassinated by Christian terrorists and was replaced by either a son or a relative, Jacob Maximilian, who would also get assassinated by Christian terrorists, starting to emerge a new Emperor who would luckily rule for more than a year, Johnathan Schwartz Maximilian. Emperor Johnathan S. Maximilian married his half-sister and had a child, Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery, in 1850, but unfortunately, both Johnathan Maximilian and his wife, the Empress, were both assassinated by Christian terrorists again, the Empress ordered the regents to secure the baby, and while recovering from labor, she died after being barged by terrorists and was stabbed to death on the bed. The terrorists were defeated, failed to take over the government again, and the baby became emperor. As the baby emperor grew up to later childhood, Johnathan Montgomery turned out to be in good shape, very intelligent, in good health, and well-formed by 1860. Montgomery appointed the first Prime Minister of Chawosauria by personal decree, It was Jonathan Sarban Boleslaus III who was recommended to become Prime Minister but Montgomery picked his first cousin, Frederick William Schwartz, and days after, the First Brutal War began with a major Christian invasion by the Wolfsberg Empire, the Adarian Empire, and the Christian Crusaders.

First Brutal War (1860 - 1905) Edit

First Brutal War

Images of the First Brutal War

The First Brutal War began with the Siege of Queen Elizabeth Islands in 1860. Emperor Johnathan Montgomery was too young to handle the war, and Frederick W. Schwartz, although young himself, was forced to manage the war.