In the Bismarck family, Hematuria is present in the family, but also widespread. In healthcare and medical diagnosis, Hematuria is a condition where blood is present in a person's urine, and sometimes semen. This condition is the primary result of centuries of cousin inbreeding in the Bismarck family dating back to the medieval times. The Bismarck family are still blind to the consequences of cousin marriages and inbreeding that they to this day still practice, Several Bismarck offsprings have Hematuria, and are fears among them of what happens if they have sex when it comes to the possibility of blood in the semen.

The most notable case of blood affecting sexual reproduction is that Jonathan Saint Nicholas Bismarck XXVIII and his fourth cousin and wife, Christina Anna Bismarck, suffered a miscarriage because of the couple both carrying Hematuria in their reproductive systems, where blood was present in their sperm and eggs.

Cousin Inbreeding is what's boosting the Bismarcks' wealth and power, but declining their health and possibly their lifespans if the Cousin Inbreeding continues in the future, but if the Bismarcks end their cousin inbreeding, it would crush them economically and weaken their political power that they've thrived so much.

History and Origin Edit

In the Bismarck family, sibling inbreeding was present until the Christianization of Europe, but due to the Bible's lack of prohibition of cousin marriage and sex, the Bismarcks, determined to keep their blood in the family rather than sharing it, began engaging in Cousin marriage. This practice of marriage began to go on from the medieval times all the way to present day. The practice became so widespread in the mid-1850s. In the 20th and 21st century, cousin marriage really became heavily dominate in the Bismarck aristocracy.

This led to a series of genetic and mental disorders, the most prominent is Hematuria.

Today Edit

Hematuria is so prominent in the Bismarck family, members having to deal with the pain of using the bathroom, men having to sit on the toilet doing level 1. Having to deal with so much pain using the bathroom.