Romani Chawosaurians are very recognized as human beings in their Civil Rights Statute, they have full equality as others and their rights of citizenship are so very recognized, but when Timothy Max Roosevelt was ruler, he was the murderer of millions of them, but when Timothy died in 2011, Gypsies were not recognized by civil rights until 2014, as being one of the first people recognized as humans.

History Edit

Chawosauria had welcomed gypsy immigrants in 1901 to 1945 and when Timothy Max Roosevelt came into control, the Chawosaurians were brutal to the gypsies and when immigration was banned in 1943, the Gypsies were returned to their home nations.

But after Timothy died in 2011, the 2014 recognization of human rights council mentioned gypsy rights and many Chawosaurians voted for the issue

Recognization of Civil Rights Edit

The Chawosaurians founded equal human rights for gypsies and immigration has not yet got to the table