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In Chawosaurian History, the Great Patriotic War (in Chawosauria) and the Second Crusades War (to the Bismarckians) is a Major Civil War between the Chawosaurian Revolutionaries and the Communists (2016-2018) and the Chawosaurian Unionists and the Christian Theocrats (2018-present).

On September 28, 2018, the Adarian Empire declared a direct war on the Empire of Chawosauria for the very first time to stop the Chawosaurians from potentially defeating the Bismarckians, thus creating the Chawo-Adarian War.

Background and Prelude Edit

Since the Death of Timothy Max Roosevelt, the Chawosaurian Government was backward and weak, they were losing control over the Imperial Chawallian Empire, they were losing order and they were struggling under the administration of Antonio Kingston.

The Difficulties led to the greater up-rise of rebellions and all rebels joined the Chawosaurian Revolution, a revolution that already began two years before Timothy's death, new nations rise and fall, by succeeding from the empire, or being re-annexed by the empire, or get annexed by other new empires, the Chawosaurian Border Crises was a time when administrative divisions of the Imperial Chawallian Empire were losing order after being granted States Rights given to them by the Administration of Antonio Kingston, in 2014, a huge Succession broke out, all of Eurasia, Africa and the Americas, succeeding from the empire, leaving Australia, the only nation still under Imperial Chawallian Control.

A New Empire, the Orthodox Tsardom, wanted to overthrow Antonio Kingston and his administration and government of the Imperial Chawallian Empire and then overtake Chawosauria and free all Christians from Chawosaurian Persecution and gain Christian Order over Chawosauria, but in the end of 2015, the Orthodox Tsardom failed and the Christian Empire dissolved under Chawosaurian Control, the Tsardom pressed charges on the Chawosaurian Government, but lost, the Orthodox Tsardom was too weak to overthrow the Chawosaurians.

On December 25, 2015, EPICE was signed into law, dissolving the Imperial Chawallian Empire, after a victory in the Chawallian Supreme Court, ruling in favor of the rebels, however, the empire broke up and caused the Chawosaurian Revolutionary War in 2016, a conflict that does not cause any damage, just a war that is not being fought hard because of lack of military development since 2015, in 2016, this led to vacant successor of Timothy Max Roosevelt, Timothy Max Roosevelt ii coming to power over Western Chawosauria and Outsider, Abooksigun Eluwilussit coming to power over Eastern Chawosauria in the year 2016, their administrations were so different and their respects were also different as well.

Civil War (2016-2017) Edit

Rise of the Confederacy in Chawosauria Edit

On January 3, 2016, the Confederates in Chawosauria has invaded the Chawallians.

Chawallian Invasion of Eurasia Edit

The Chawallians successfully invaded many of Chawmania's lands in Eurasia.

Rise of the Romans Edit

The Romans began to rise out of North Africa, Western Europe, and Southern Europe, the same areas where the Roman Empire reigned.

Rise of the Progressive States of America Edit

Alaska, Oregon, and California succeeded from Western Chawosauria, and Texas and Oklahoma have succeeded from the Confederacy but was reannexed. The PSA became a nation in 2017, and then conquered many territories and many of PSA soldiers and generals became the Confederal Government of the PSA.

Rise of Jonathan Bismarck and the Christian Theocrats Edit

With the 2017 French Presidential Election not going in Bismarck's favor, Bismarck, as Supreme Commander of the Chawosaurian European Parliament, ordered the Chawosaurian European Parliament to declare independence from the Continent Union, on May 8, 2017, Bismarck created a nation and ordered the Christian Theocrats, to reign the Parliament and then attack the Empire of Chawosauria.

Rise of the Qingian States Edit

On the location of East Asia, the Qingian States declared their independence from the Continent Union, but are allied with the Continent Union.

Chawosauria's Weapons of Mass Destruction Edit

Since later 2017, Chawosauria had been developing their weapons of mass destruction, they already done so in 1975, their first weapon of mass destruction are Nuclear Weapons, but because of the Civil War, their rising enemy, Bismarckia, was threatening to bring Chawosauria to its knees.

DKA's "Pandemic Weapons" Edit

On October 6, 2017, DKA's plan to create the most devastating Biological Weapons all of Sragonia has ever seen. DKA's ideas of "Pandemic Weapons" included "STD Pandemic Weapons", "Influenzia Pandemic Weapons". Basically Blood Gas Weapons. The idea was thought up by Chester Arthur Bellock that Matter, Solid, Liquid, and Gas, are all part of matter (thought up long ago) that turning Deadly Disease Contaminated Blood as a liquid into a gas, and use them to create "Pandemic Weapons", by using them, the disease blood gas if released into the atmosphere, Chawosauria's enemy soldiers would breathe in this blood gas that is carrying highly contagious deadly diseases, or the blood gas gets into their eyes, spreading highly contagious deadly pandemics among them, and causing outbreaks in their Civilian Communities to weaken their economic and political environment.

Chawosauria's Radiological Warfare Edit

On October 23, 2017, it was announced by Chawosaurian Scientist, Chester Arthur Bellock that Chawosauria needed Radiological Weapons, on October 24, 2017, the production of Radiological Weapons began.

Surrender of the Chawosaurian Nationalists Edit

On October 21, 2017, Timothy Max Roosevelt II stepped down due to the unexpecting encounter of the Yankees, causing his empire to collapse.

Copenhagen Agreement Edit

2018 Chawosauria

Chawosauria's New Border Arrangements as of January 1, 2018.

The Chawosaurian Civil War changed the borders of Chawosauria.

Civil War (2018-present) Edit

Battles Edit

Battle Operation Chawosauria Bismarckia
Battle of Africa Operation Sahara Losing Winning
Battle of North America Operation Greenland Winning Losing
Battle of South America Operation Pedro Winning Losing
Battle of the Oceans Operation Poseidon Losing Winning

Chawosauria is suffering from embarrassing defeats to the Christian Theocrats under DKA's watch.

Redefinition of the War Edit

On March 31, 2018, with the success of Operation Napoleon, DKA addressed the Monarch's Assembly that the war shall have a new name the "Great Patriotic War" and declared that Chawosauria will win the war as patriots.

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