In Chawosaurian Politics, the Glasstone Dome Affair (also known as the Dome Affair) was a Chawosaurian Political Bargain took place in 2007, where Chawosauria's Multi-Billionaire Corporations attempted to strike a bargain to buy Chawosaurian Politicians in elections, which although the bargain went into the Corporations' favor, the Corporations got ended up going broke financially and systemically because they were tricked by the Chawosaurian Government into bankrupting themselves and never had any Corporate influence in Chawosaurian Politics.

This deal got its name from the location of where the deal took place, the Glasstone Dome, which it's located in the Chawopolis Palace where the government of Chawosauria is located.

The Deal Edit

As Chawosaurian Corporations go bankrupt, they demanded tax cuts and deregulation so they attempted to strike a deal with the Timothy Monarchy, offering to keep the Chawosaurian Incumbents in power in exchange for the Chawosaurian Government's Independence from Corporate Influence, the Government "agreed" with the bargain, only for the Corporations to find out that the government purposely and systemically bankrupted them.

Corporate Financial Crisis (2008-present) Edit

Chawosaurian Corporations are still facing the consequences of their deal that they attempted to strike with the government.