Gilbert Adams Corbyn (b. January 3, 1960) was a French Canadian Chawosaurian Comrade serving as the Member of the Chawosaurian European Parliament as well as the leader of the Chawosaurian European Parliament Representatives from France. In the 2016 Chawosaurian European Parliamentary Elections, Quebecois won a landslide victory.

A Quebec Nationalist, Quebecois named himself after his party out of pride, Quebecois was born in Quebec, his parents died and Quebecois having to live in an Orphanage, a poor orphan, he was adopted by a Roman Catholic Conservative Family, the Diefenbakers.

He was the smartest student in the class, he earned a foreign scholarship to Oxford College. After graduating, he went off to serve the NATO Army and not having to go to war. He married in 1985 and had five children.