George Edward Ramsay MacDonald Windsor III (b. January 3, 2000) is a Chawosaurian Socialite. The Grandson of George Windsor. George has ties with Chawosauria due to his grandfather's candidacy for the 1975 Elections in Chawosauria

In 2017, George Windsor III ran for the Vacant Seat of Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery VII and won in a Surprise Victory. On August 20, 2017, he was sworn in as the Representative in the CEP. Starting his term proposed Progressive and Social Democratic Policies affecting the Environment and Economy, etc. Like his Grandfather, he has became the front runner and ringleader of his Grandfather's movement. Succeeding his grandfather to fulfil his legacy and restore his family history. 

Like his Predecessor, JSM VII, Windsor III also suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder in part because it is genetic, he was diagnosed as such in 2015. Explaining his behavior for so many years since his birth. 

On August 8, 2017, he founded the Social Democratic Workers' Party for the 2017 Special Election, the Party was approved by DKA