Emperor, George Maximilian, of the Chawalliankalitan Empire (January 23, 1690-December 25, 1812) was the 78th Monarch of Chawosauria and Chawalliankalitanity.

George Maximilian was the Emperor of the 18th Century in the 1700s. Ruled from 1692 to 1812, one of the Longest Monarchies in Chawosaurian History. He played a critical role in the American War of Independence. Supported the 13 Colonies which would be the United States of America. Opposed the British Empire.

Early Life Edit

Born on January 23, 1690, in Chawopolis. He was adopted by Dorea Tongula. Tongula died on February 24, 1692.

120 Year Monarchy Edit

One of Chawosauria's longest monarchies in its history, the Chawalliankalitan Empire lived under peace under his rule, relationships with the British Empire and the other European Colonial Empires, he established trade roots and at home in his nation, he established religious rituals on how to interact with the British, Chawalliankalitanist Scripters demanded peaceful interactions with strangers.

Apon meeting with the Pirates, there were conspiracy theories that Emperor Maximilian could have been secretly aiding the enemies of the European Empires, the rebellious 13 Colonies (now the United States), Pirates, rather from the Carribean, or anywhere else. The biggest Conspiracy Theory was that he had secretly aided the Carribean Pirates, which had been haunting the Maximilian Monarchy for decades, if true, it would've brought down the Maximilian Monarchy in disgrace, because under Chawalliankalitan Law, funding, aiding or receiving gifts, fundings, or any goods secretly are criminal offenses, including for the Emperor. He supported the American Revolution, and Revolutionary War.

On December 25, 1812, he died of old age on his royal bed at the age of 122 and was succeeded by Abooksigun Maximilian, who is possibly his son.

Legacy Edit

One of the longest ruling Chawosaurian Monarchs, he survived throughout the whole European Age of Exploration, one of the most Liberal Emperors, he proclaimed the Chawalliankalitan Empire.

Emperor Maximilian-Carribean Pirates Affair Conspiracy Edit

There were huge and devastating conspiracy theories that Emperor Maximilian had made illegal secret deals with the Carribean Pirates to rebel against the European Colonialists, even though Maximilian was very friendly with the Colonialists, as part of the Golden Age of Piracy, Emperor Maximilian was faced with bad scrutiny with one scandal after another during investigations of such deals with the Pirates. Today in the 21st Century, the Conspiracy Theory was never solved and is impossible to solve.