"I never wanted a Catholic son, but Garfield will be the faith he feels is his passion for God"
—George Webster expressing disapproval of Garfield Webster being raised a Roman Catholic, but still accepts the boy's Catholic faith

George Lucas Webster (July 17, 1838-June 24, 1896) was a British Ship Captain, an Intellectual, Explorer, Abolitionist, and other. He was the father of Chawosaurian Prime Minister Garfield Lucas Webster.

Dubbed as Captain Webster, Webster sailed all across the Oceanic World, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean, with his large ship, the Sea Serpent Ship. Captain Webster was obsessed with finding a large sea serpent called the Jormungandr during his trip to Scandinavia from 1860 to 1869, with little success, he returned to his family who he left in Italy for their safety, and retired to England in 1871, with his wife, and his 11-year-old son, Garfield Webster.

George Webster was born in London in 1838, to James Webster, who was a magician but never inherited his father's power, and Nicola Potter MacLeod. George Webster became interested in the sea, always enjoyed ships, lighthouses, and more. George Webster enjoyed fishing and became interested in finding creatures. Webster befriended an African-British kid whose family was freed from slavery in 1807 under British law.

George Webster began to live in the Scottish Highlands, where, as he wanted, lived at the Atlantic coast. Becoming a member of the British Conservative Party in 1851 at a young age, Webster supported the British Empire. Webster in 1858, bought a ship, hired a crew, and set sail for adventurous trips to North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania and the Pacific. He married an Italian aristocrat, Elisabeth D'Alesandro, and had a son together in the Sea Serpent ship at the Port of Saint Petersburg, Russia, during the Websters' Russia trip. Webster was concerned for his family's safety and health, and he decided to drop them off to Rome, Italy, for them to live with the D'Alesandros.

Webster went back to Scandinavia in 1860 to search for the Sea Serpent for nine years, but never succeeded, so Webster, tired and exhausted, returned to Rome, Italy, and reunited with his family. Webster retired to England in 1871, and by 1881, Webster was convinced to return to sailing, after 15-years of sailing, he contracted an unknown disease, and died of a Heart Arrhythmia in his ship at the port of Saint Petersburg, Russia, at the age of 56, Garfield Webster insisted that Webster should be buried in Alaska, that suggestion was fulfilled. Garfield Webster chose a constructing cemetery that will be someday named Saxe-Coburg and Gotha Cemetery.

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