In Chawosaurian Politics, the Gender Identity and Intersex Act of 2018 is a Civil Rights Socialist Arsenal that amended the LGBTQIA Human Rights Act of 2016 that expands the rights of Chawosaurian Transgenders and other non-Cisgender Chawosaurians. It also repeals the Defense of Gender Act, which prohibited Gender transition surgery.

It mandates Gender Identity equality in bathrooms as National Law, and strengthens the LGBTQIA Human Rights Act of 2016's Anti-Discrimination Provision.

Provisions Edit

Section Text
Section I Amends the LGBTQIA Human Rights Act of 2016 to expand the rights of Chawosaurians who are not Cisgender.
Section II Repeals the "Defense of Gender Act" decriminalizing gender transition surgery.
Section III Removes the recognition of "Gender Dysphoria" from the list of Psychiatric Disorders.
Section IV The Federal Government of the Empire of Chawosauria shall recognize the rights of Transgender, Bigender, Agender, Third Gender, etc Gender Chawosaurians.
Section V Gender Identity is added to the list of classes protected from Discrimination in the Armed Forces of the Empire of Chawosauria.
Section VI Non-Cisgender Chawosaurians are recognized as part of the Proletariat Class of Chawosauria.
Section VII As a Socialist Arsenal, in order for this law tobe repealed or reversed, the vote to repeal this law must be approved by a mandatory unanimous vote ONLY by unanimous ONLY administrative divisions of the Empire of Chawosauria.

Passage into law Edit

As the political arsenal was approved by a unanimous vote, repealing several Soviet Arsenals of Timothy, the Chawosaurian Congress, House of Representatives, and House of Senators, by huge margins of support, DKA easily got the bill and signs it to law in a day.