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Garfield Lucas Wallace (b. February 28, 1992) was one of JSM's defeated opponents, member of the New York Liberal Party and Democratic Party.

With respect to Melissa Warlock, Joshua Warlock welcomed him into the Anti-Montgomery Wing. Wallace is rumored to be a Catholic and in Chawosaurian Society, Social attitudes towards Catholics in Chawosauria is widely negative.

Early Life Edit

Garfield Lucas Wallace was born on February 28, 1992, in New York City, New York. He was raised a Catholic and was brought up in a religious household. Born to a steelworker, Harold Wallace, and a mall manager, Sara Wallace. He attended New York State University in a very early age.

Entrance into Politics Edit

Garfield Wallace became part of the Democratic Party and also became part of the New York State Liberal Party in 2005. In the 2007 Comrade Elections, Garfield Wallace campaigned against a political enemy, Johnathan Montgomery. Wallace despises Montgomery and feared his wealthy corruption.