Garfield Sr: "Now Garfield when the time comes, marry a right woman because we don't want a Southerner in the family, these ...Southerners ...are disgusting animals. We're Northerners, boy, and Northerners shouldn't be inter-breeding with these filthy, inbred animals"
Garfield Jr: "Yes sir"
— Garfield Lucas Webster Sr talking to his eldest son Garfield Jr about Southerners
"I do miss my father so much more than I miss my childhood. My father was a devoted Catholic, although he can be selfish at times of lust for power and wealth but I learned so much from him, my mother, and his mother"
—Garfield Webster II expressing grief of his father's passing in 1955

Garfield Lucas Webster II (b. January 20, 1920) is the father of Juneau Lucas Webster, grandfather of Jacob Webster, and the son of former Prime Minister of Chawosauria, Garfield Lucas Webster and former First Lady of Chawosauria, Elissa Mary Lincoln. Webster was known to be a WWII veteran and a New Dealer

Garfield Webster II was a World War II veteran. He fought in the Pacific War against the Japanese after the Japanese invasion of Pearl Harbor in 1941. Garfield's father strongly advised Garfield II against the idea of him in the armed forces, but went to war anyway.  

Early Life Edit

Garfield Lucas Webster II was born on January 20, 1920, in Anchorage, Alaska, USA, to Garfield Lucas Webster, and Elissa Mary Lincoln Webster, while the baby's father was undergoing treatment from Influenza during the Spanish Influenza Pandemic. Garfield Webster Sr made his brother-in-law the baby's godfather, and in 1921, Severus, Garfield II's brother, was born. Throughout the twenties, Garfield II and his brother, Severus, lived in Alaska, while his father was undergoing foreign trips. By 1928, Garfield Webster II's father returned home and finally met him. Garfield II also got to meet his grandmother. Garfield II pictured his father as young as his mother but didn't expect his father to be 68-years-old and graying. Garfield II wasn't surprised by his grandmother. In 1930, Garfield II and Severus witnessed the birth of their sister, Dorothy, while the family was unaffected by the Great Depression due to their wealth status.

Garfield II red newspapers of the great depression, and how people struggled from it, although Garfield II and Severus did not understand why they haven't been hit by it. Their father explained to them that they are of the higher-class elite, and thereby they don't have to worry about the economic situation, but their father still commanded them to be mindful to the middle and working class who struggled. Garfield II and Severus were advised by their father to engage in politics and hoped they would start voting by the time they're 21 (21 was the voting age until the 1970s). Garfield II and Severus started following politics in the 1930 U.S. midterm elections, where the Democrats gained control of the House of Representatives, while Republicans kept the Senate.

Unfortunately, since Alaska was a U.S. territory, Garfield II would not be able to vote presidential elections, during the 1932 elections, Garfield II endorsed Franklin D. Roosevelt, and his Democratic Party, and became a Democrat and bravely told his father of it, which to Garfield II's surprise, his father accepted it. Severus inherited his father's political alignment with the Republicans, but Garfield II and Severus received equal treatment. In 1935, the 15-year-old Garfield II was told by his dad not to marry a Southerner into the family, revealing his father's anti-Southerner prejudice.

In 1937, Garfield II entered the United States military, but his father, strongly worried, was furious at Garfield II for doing so, Garfield sr was afraid of losing Garfield II, and begged him to reconsider the registration, when Garfield II refused, his father slapped him in his face and yelled at him. In 1941, the Japanese invaded Pearl Harbor at a time when Hawaii was a U.S. territory, Garfield II was drafted by President Roosevelt to fight, Garfield Sr attempted to pressure Garfield II to dodge the draft, but Garfield II complied FDR's draft anyway.

Garfield II fought in the Pacific War while Garfield Sr constantly send him letters in fear of Garfield II getting killed, Garfield II wrote back to his father to comfort him, by the time World War II ended with Japan's surrender, Garfield II went home to Alaska and the relieved Garfield Sr was extremely grateful that Garfield II was still alive. Garfield II honored his father by proposing marriage with Eleanora McClellan, the granddaughter of Garfield Sr's best friend, Theodore McClellan, in 1945. Eleanora admitted to falling in love with Garfield II, and accepted the offer, Garfield II and Eleanora had known for each other since Eleanora was a child, Garfield II was a decade older than Eleanora. Garfield II and Eleanora married on Christmas in 1945, in Fairbanks, AK. Garfield Sr and Theodore McClellan strongly supported the marriage.

In 1946, Garfield II and Eleanora had their first child, Garfield Lucas Webster III, on July 23rd. Garfield Sr was proud of his grandson, while Theodore was proud of his great-grandson.

Garfield Webster Sr's death Edit

Garfield II's father, Garfield Sr, passed away on December 25, 1955, in Anchorage, AK. Garfield II was devastated and he gained the possession of the Crucifix Necklace his father owned from his first-cousin once removed (his father's first cousin). Since his father's death, Garfield II gained nightmares of his own death, and these dreams haunted him every day. Garfield II and Garfield III saw the collapse of Severus Webster's household impacted by Garfield Sr's passing. Garfield II kept his family under strict control, constantly taking them to church, teaching them family values, he quit drinking, and he prohibited his children from reading about Satanism, the Gay Rights Movement, the Sexual Revolution, etc. Garfield II encouraged his children to support the Democratic Party despite their socially conservative roots.

Family Life Edit

Garfield III was born in 1946, Garfield II was 26, and Eleanora was 16, controversially. Eleanora was 15 when she married Garfield II, who was 25, this brand of marriage was common in these days in the '40s. As of 2019, there are still states where minors can marry if they have parental approval (or judicial approval in other states) in America. Garfield II and Eleanora went on to raise a family of 10 children.

When Garfield Sr passed away in 1955, Garfield II was 35-years-old, and Garfield II was given his father's favorite Catholic crucifix by his dad's Italian first cousin, Sebastiano D'Alesandro II, at a fishing dock outside of their home, Sebastiano D'Alesandro said Garfield Sr advised Dorothy to give it to Garfield II, but she was living in Texas with Zachery B. McClellan, so D'Alesandro, although he never met his first-cousin, Garfield Sr, himself, done the task for Dorothy. D'Alesandro is Garfield II's first-cousin, once removed, since he was his father's cousin.

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