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Garfield Lucas Baldwin (b. January 24, 1965), is the 10th Prime Minister of Chawosauria who was nominated by six Monarchs as of 2017, the member of the American Communist Party, and the leader who has abused so much throughout the Chawosaurian Revolution.

Garfield Baldwin was born in Vermont, he is the member of the Communist Party USA, and was nominated by Timothy Max Roosevelt, succeeding Joe Bohmer.

Garfield Baldwin as Prime Minister, was nominated by Timothy Max Roosevelt after winning in a landslide in 2009, becoming with the main force of the Chawosaurian Revolution, committing more war crimes and then became the National Hero of the Chawallian Imperialists.

On March 11, 2017, Garfield Baldwin's sexual offensive crime came back to haunt him in his possible last years in office, and his approval ratings start to drop a little.

By December 31, 2019, his term as Prime Minister will expire, his original nominated successor was Jonathan Dragan Bismarck XIX until Bismarck's nomination was withdrawn and his confirmation was reversed by his nominator due to health problems caused by a malignant stroke.

Early Life Edit

Garfield Lucas Baldwin was born on January 24, 1965, in Lamoille County, Vermont, USA. His parents, Timothy Baldwin and Chariot Baldwin, raised by Marxist-Leninist Politics.

Garfield attended school in Burlington and joined the Communist Party USA and the Liberty Union Party and various Communist and Socialist Parties, he ran for Student Government and won unexpectedly, defeating Democrat, Jack Lopez and Republican, Sandra Sanders.

Garfield in high school became to work at McDonald's and quit due to Workers' Rights Violations. He attended Oxford University in the United Kingdom and became more involved in Politics. His whole life has lived at the Winter House. When his parents retired, he claimed the House in 1991 despite still lived in it when his parents still lived in it until retirement.

Entrance into Politics Edit

In Oxford, he was very political, critical of Capitalism, and the Free Market. Baldwin became a Communist but criticized the Soviet Union for being hypocritically imperialistic, because since World War 2, the Soviet Union was a Superpower, violating the Communist tradition that No Communist Nation should have Imperial Power, but the goal for Soviet Communism is World Domination, meaning the Soviet Union should have power over all nations, that includes the Western World including the United States.

Chawosaurian Parliament (1986-1989) Edit

Baldwin was elected into the Parliament in 1985 after the death of Julian Basil, he voted for Communist Laws and Soviet aid for the Soviet Union.

Chawosaurian Senate (1990-2009) Edit

Chawosaurian Senate Elections in Vermont Edit

Baldwin landslided Antonio Kingston in 1989 and won the popular vote, Chawosauria was a One-Party State, the Chawallian Communist Party was the only party in power.

Dissolution of the Soviet Union Edit

Baldwin supported the Soviet Union since 1985 when the Soviet Union crumbled in 1991, Baldwin mourned and was depressed, and also when that happened, Timothy was furious with rage.

Baldwin introduced the Communism Protection Act of 1992. Successfully passed and signed into law. Baldwin had been a powerful force in the Chawosaurian Senate.

Chawosaurian Senate Elections in Vermont of 1999 Edit

Baldwin was reelected in a Unanimous Election, defeating Joseph Lopez so greatly.

Response to the War on Terror Edit

Baldwin had introduced many legislative orders on protecting Chawoauria, and also through the Monarch's approvals.

Premiership (2010-2019) Edit

On December 31, 2009, Joe Bohmer's term was up and Timothy Max Roosevelt nominated and elected Garfield Baldwin to take Brooks' place as Prime Minister of the Chawopolis Palace. Baldwin took his oath on January 1, 2010. Baldwin had to deal with legislation dealing with the Seminole Indiana rise and the Seminole Lakota rebellion.

After Timothy Max Roosevelt died in 2011, Seminole Lakota collapsed and Seminole Indiana became a powerful superpower in the Lake Seminole region. Baldwin was confronted by the Revolutionaries of the Chawosaurian Revolution. Under intense disagreements and pressure from Emperor Antonio Kingston, Baldwin was forced to mostly govern alone. In 2012, Baldwin's pressure grew, and grew even worse in 2013 with the Crimson Empire in Alabama took power and eventually the entire United States, that collapsed in 2014 and a new threat rose, the Orthodox Tsardom, an Eastern Orthodox Christian regime that attempted to overthrow the Empire of Chawosauria and liberate Christians from Chawosaurian oppression, throwout 2014 and to 2015, the Orthodox Tsardom began to fight Chawosauria with a trade war, which Chawosauria began to win and the Orthodox Tsardom attempted to appease Chawosauria, which failed drastically to the point where the empire finally collapsed, and the Great Patriotic War began in 2016.

When Emperor Antonio Kingston died in 2015, Baldwin was met with political instability because of constant transitions of power from one monarch after another, with Joseph Lopez being removed from power because of his Islamic background, Samantha Wawetseka transferred power from Lopez to her self until being removed from power because of her gender as a woman, and then power was transferred to Abooksigun Eluwilussit, until he was voted out of power and transferred his power to his winning opponent, Malina Lusa Parker, and then Malina was assassinated and her power was temporalily transferred to Oconostota Eluwilussit, but Oconostota was forced to pass his power to his uncle, Degotoga K. Atagulkalu, who will hold on to that power until December 31, 2019, which it's when Baldwin's term will be up for a new successor, and the fact that Baldwin struggled so hard to keep a boss (Supreme Leader), that has never actually happened to a Prime Minister before in the History of Chawosauria.

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