The Free Speech Exercise Act of 2017 is a Chawosaurian Legislation that would for the first time in Chawosaurian History, legalize the right to Free Speech in Chawosauria, the first major Landmark Legislation with a mission to allow the Free Speech of Expression, but it's also a Discriminatory Law, like the so-called "Religious Freedom Acts" in the United States, where Christians can deny service to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Community, simply because of their Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, the "Free Speech Exercise Act" is a Chawosaurian Plot against the Religious Community to allow Chawosaurian Atheists to deny Services to the Religious Community, simply because of their Religion, that is required in Marriage, Restaurant, and Fast Food Services, Medical Care Services, etc.

Chawosauria got inspired by the "Religious Freedom Acts" in the United States, meant to Discriminate LGBT People, and thought it would be great to treat the Chawosaurian Religious Community the exact same way.

The Bill passed unanimously by the Communist Party in the House on September 5, 2017. But the Divide of Chawosocialism with the Windsor Socialists opposing the bill, and the Timothy Socialists supporting it. Passed the Senate Unanimously on September 8, 2017.

Despite DKA's veto, TMR 2.0 signed it into law, overruling the DKA Veto on September 15, 2017.