Frederick Montgomery is the Pet Dog belonging to Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery VII. Frederick is the favorite dog of the whole Montgomery Family, he was the gift from the Bismarck Family from March 2001, as a pup, his mother died and his father (as some Dog Fathers) wasn't around, the Dog was born in 2000 in Scotland, Brought to the United States in 2001, and mated and had puppies in 2004, Frederick is now the Grandfather of 12 Puppies, and along with his brother, Franklin Montgomery.

Biography Edit

Frederick was born on January 24, 2000, in Glasgow, Scotland. His Parents, Maximilian Bismarck and Catherine Bismarck, were Scottish Intermixed Collies, except Maximilian was mixed with Retriever and Collie.

His father died on January 23, 2001 and was brought to the United States as a gift to the Montgomery Family, one of Chawosauria's most richest families, by the Bismarck Family, also one of Chawosauria's most richest families.

Frederick started out as a Family Dog, but Frederick paid more attention to a Wealthy Kid, Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery VII, which that attention caused Frederick to become the 15th Birthday Present for JSM. Frederick still belongs to JSM and in 2017, he is today 17 years old, which in dog years, that's an old age.

Breed Edit

Frederick is a mixture of Collie, his parents were Collies and is a mixture of Collie and Retriever, but he is predominately Retriever due to his father.

Frederick is a Gundog and he is often used for Hunting despite he is given love and affection.

Role in the Montgomery Family Edit

Frederick is seen as Calm, not playful as much as other dogs, always sleeps and eats, and always prepared to hunt, as a pup, he only enjoyed Sleeping, Naping and Eating rather than playing with the other Pups, Frederick likes tobe around his owners, Frederick is called "Frederock" by JSM, and Freddie by others of the family, and Fred by family's neighbors.

Frederick is a highly trained dog and was taught to be self-aware, and despite the Lifespan of the Retriever Dog is 10 or 12 Years, Frederick crossed those ages to age 17 in 2017, One of Chawosauria's most longest-lived pets after Timothy Max Roosevelt's Cat.

Family Edit

Frederick has puppies and grandpuppies, Frederick enjoyed his pups and grandpups.

Interests Edit

Frederick likes to walk outside and sit outside, including when it's raining,