Francisco Draco Rockefeller (b. January 3, 2000) is the son of Johnathan F. Rockefeller and Elizabeth Rockefeller. He is nicknamed "FDR 2.0" because of his political views and contact that if he was president of the united states, he would be named "FDR 2.0".

Rockefeller, a Democrat, born into a Conservative Family, accusations of being related to the Rockefeller Family like Nelson Rockefeller, DNA proved it wrong, FDR 2.0 has been a Democrat since 2012 and became a Strong Progressive in 2016.

Early Life Edit

Francisco Draco Rockefeller was born on January 3, 2000, in Niagara Falls, New York, to Johnathan F. Rockefeller and Elizabeth Rosenberg. he stayed in Niagara, New York, for a long time. In 2012, he became a Democrat after being inspired by politics.

Rise of Political Uniform Edit

Francisco D. Rockefeller rose through the ranks as a Democrat, a Progressive, fighting for Medical for All, Ban on Corporate Cash, Civil Rights, and more Progressive Values.