In Chawosauria, the First Ghostly War was a Ghostly War, a spiritual conflict between Ghosts, Demons, and other spirits and Exorcists, Religious Leaders, and Ghost Hunters, as well as a conflict between Exorcists, Religious Leaders, and Ghost Hunters, and Occultists, Satanists, and Witchcraft Cultists. 

Formerly named the Great Ghostly War, this Ghostly War was in response to the Ghostly Wave of 1941-1979, a wave of hauntings taking place at the same timing in 1941 and the hauntings cooled down in 1979. Prominent hauntings include the Haunting of the St. Carta Abbey (from The Nun), although this haunting was not associated with Chawosauria.  

This Ghostly War was interfered by the political environment of Chawosauria, Chawosauria was falling under Communist Party control from the aftermath of World War II to the mid-later Cold War era, Supernatural combatants struggled to fight each other while a Hostile, Irreligious Supremacist, and Communist Party-controlled Government oppressing the practice of Religion as part of the implementation of Karl Marx and Frederich Engels' Communist Manifesto

The First Ghostly War ended sometime in the mid-1990s with no clear winner.

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