In Chawosauria, Christians in Chawosauria (since 2018) are on the verge of near extinction. The 2018 population of Christians living in Chawosauria is now 985 Christians left, between 1945, to 2018, due to constant persecutions and purges waged by Chawosaurians, the Christian population dropped from over 100,000,000 Christians to 900 Christians. Between 1979, to 2015, the Christian population wildly dropped during the Timothy Max Roosevelt administration of 1976-2011.

The causes of extinction of Christian Chawosaurians is first, resistance against Christianization, which led to the constant persecution and purges by Chawosaurians, Timothy Max Roosevelt, and by 2013, Christians would try inbreeding because the vast majority of Chawosaurians aren't interested in marrying and breeding children with Christians, the results of inbreeding devastated the Chawosaurian Christian community.

Another cause of the extinction is that the children born to Christian parents saw that the society they were born to be heavily and increasingly Atheist, and that motivated them to convert to Atheism rather than being the religion their parents assigned them.