1. REDIRECT Template:Conflict InfoboxThe Imperial Chawallian Entry Banishment Act is an act signed into law by Timothy Max Roosevelt in 1942 to kick out and or send unwanted immigrants back, however, Chawallianity has a history of hatred against other people and wanted to banish more people.

The Act banishes immigrants who are Christians, Jews, Muslims, Libertarians, Liberals, Progressives, (Timothy's own family), and conservatives and more.

Christians who do immigrate to Chawosauria, are considered as Illegal Immigrants because they are Christians, in which, Timothy even banned his own ethnicity, the Native Americans, from entry to his newly formed empire, Timothy banished all these people without sending them back to their old lands without legal registration back to their nations, and Timothy didn't care if they're being send back to his nation, he still refused to recognize their legal and illegal citizenship because of their ethnicity, race, ancestry, religion and political philosophy.

Timothy proposed a fascist and discriminatory law in order to make people look like himself, act like himself, even think like himself, dress like himself, treat women how he treats women, and even treat Christians the way he treats Christians.