-Chawalliankalitans + Imperial Chawallian Empire + Present Day-

The Empire of Chawosauria (commonly known by critics as the Chawosaurian Empire) is a World Government Empire of the Chawo Realm. A Superpower, threatening the lives of other Realms and Nations outside Chawosauria's borders. The motto of Chawosauria is "Unity, Libertatem, Imperium" Latin for Unity, Freedom, and Sovereignty. The national animal of Chawosauria is the Eurasian Eagle Owl, and they celebrate a holiday of it. The Current Head of State of Chawosauria is Ekewaka Mikala Kalawai'a from the West Coast of the United States.

Chawosaurian (Chaw-O-Sore-Ree-Ann), is a biological member of one of the Posthuman Universe, the Chawo Realm. In Evolutionary Science, Particular those in Chawosauria, a Chawosaurian is a member of the ape family, the human family mostly that has the longest life expectancy at 120 up to 130 Years due to strong health, their origin was Canada, they live in a political universe, Chawosauria, and they are 8 feet tall (male) and 7 feet tall (female). They are 7 to 8 feet all giants, their ancestors suffered from Gigantism, a disease where people have abnormal growth, people such as Robert Wadlow.

Their diet is very healthy because their government criminalizes unhealthy foods in Chawosauria, and their languages are English and Russian.

But in Chawosaurian History, Chawosauria is a Fictional Universe, a world that is separated from the Human World, or the United Nations, the Chawosaurians are an outsider world, their ancestors were from Arctica, from Alaska to Scandinavia, like many fictional worlds like "'Zootopia", the Wizard World from Harry Potter, Chawosauria is a fictional world, the Chawosaurian World, but sometimes under one International Government, or World Government, known as the Continent Union, and was inspired by the beginning of Modern 'World History and otherwise still effects Chawosauria today.

In the Chawosaurian Fiction, Chawosauria was formerly a Liberal World, until during the time of European Imperialism, which dissolved Liberal Chawosauria, losing to too many wars with the European Imperialists, caused them to feel a sense of Jingoistic Patriotism over their heritage as Chawosaurians, the people of their Ancestors who were not mean't tobe assimilated into European Fashion, Chawosaurian Nationalism rose and more European Culture were bashed by the Chawosaurians, including Christianity, which led to Jingoistic Attitudes towards Non-Chawosaurian things, After the Demagoguery of Timothy Max Roosevelt, which led to the Bashing and Prejudice against people who are not "Chawosaurian", like Immigrants, due to the fear of a dissolving Chawosaurian Heritage and Ethnicity, which promoted Xenophobia and Racism, the using of Racism to identify Religious Groups, like the belief that all or most White people are Christians, and the only, the rise of Atheism in Chawosauria due to an Ancient Religion that is too Liberal and the refusal and rejection of Christianization because Christianity and other religions that are not part of "Chawosaurian Ancestry", and the Rejection and Refusal to accept Interracial Sex and Marriage due to the fear of a fating race that was in their blood since Ancestry, and the Rise of a Chawosaurian Imperialist name "Timothy Max Roosevelt", who is not related to Franklin D. Roosevelt nor Theodore Roosevelt, the reign and rule of Timothy himself, the conquest of all of the entire Chawosaurian World, the Death of Timothy Max Roosevelt, which led to the Chawosaurian Revolution, which greatly ignored the idea of "Freedom of Religion" until the beginning of the Religious Freedom Movement, and the desire to revert Chawosauria back to it's Liberal roots on which their Ancestors lived under. 

Chawosauria's actions received severely widespread condemnation and consequences for their Constant Persecution of Religious Chawosaurians, Inhumane Territorial Expansion, Inhumane response to the Chawosaurian Revolution.  

Etymology Edit

The history of the Name of Chawosauria began just after the Discovery of Dinosaurs when the Chawosaurians thought of themselves as the second dinosaurs, their former name was Chawbalitanity until in 1900, during the time of New Imperialism, the Chawbalitans thought of themselves as planet earth's second dominate species as the humans in which during the Jurassic Age, the Dinosaurs were the dominate reptile species, spitting the name Dinosaur, Dino-Saur and replaced the word Dino into the word, Chawosaur and thought outside the box, Dinosauria, which is clade for Dinosaur to group such species, into the clade for Chaw peoples, Chawosauria.

Which the word, Chaw was the name was their first traditional god, Chaw, the father of the main god, Chawigold and his son, Chawalliankalita, which began a religion based on his father and his teachings, Chawalliankalitanism and began an empire which was named after the faith, Chawalliankalitanity which broke up from Chawallianity & Kalitanity during the Chawallianic Wars.

Which gave birth to the name of Chawosauria.

History Edit

See: History of Chawosauria

Prehistory Edit

The Chawalliankalitans began their appearance when the Dinosaurs dissolved under extinction and the first early mammals had been Juramaia, the Chawosaurians and Humans were not ape like and were to hide all day when the Dinosaurs hunt, and come out all night while the Dinosaurs sleep or hunt also.

Chawosauria has been studying Human Evolution while the Rationalization of Chawosauria, the Ancestors of the Humankind were Juramaia specie, that were there during the time of Dinosaurs and they consider themselves as prehistorical to others.

The Chawosaurians have been the only ones, teach pure prehistory to their children, but religion is not part of their interest, but under Chawosaurian laws, religion is not allowed unless if a court case, the Mhasalkar v. Chawmania is successful for the Hindus.

Jurassic Chawosaurians Edit


Juramaia, the Jurassic ancestor of the human, which it is believed and or theorized by some Atheists and other scientists and the Chawosaurians teach prehistoric evolution of ape species, such as homo sapiens (humans) and other apes

During the Jurassic Period, the dinosaurs ruled the earth from sky to ground to the ocean, as the dominate species in the history of the earth, until the dinosaurs got struck by a devastating asteroid about 65,000,000 years ago, since that, other mammals began to take over.

This is a type of history the Chawosaurians educate their children with by using human evolution as a tool to explain to them how did the human race is here, unfortunately, the Chawosaurians do not use the quote, "God Created the Earth" Chawosauria does not use religion to express the beginning of the universe, however the Chawosaurians were taught that Christianity is just an organry ethnic European religion that adapted their culture from Jewish culture.

The Chawosaurians uses all forms of statements that there is no god, or Santa Clause or there is no leprechaun, there are no wizards no ghosts no such thing of all those mombo jumbo magical creatures or magical unicorn lands, Chawosauria is not harry potter they say to their children.

Homo Sapiens Edit

Homo erectus

Earliest Human design and are bones to prove it

The Chawosaurians had all studied the values of human evolution and prehistory, but they reject traditional values, Chawosaurians can prove that these forms of humans existed, by finding their bones, all forms of monkeys can be proved tobe all related to other humans.

The Chawosaurians teach that in their history, these biological forms of homo sapiens are related to the humans, other apes we can see, the Chawosaurians had saw that in their interest in human evolution, since Charles Darwin discovered the theory of evolution, the Chawosaurians got alarmed and interested to know how did they came tobe, their ancient religion did not tell who were the first humans, they were just founded by Chawigold.

It has been clear that some Chawosaurians who still believed in Chawigold, believed in the theory of prehistory.

Stone Age Edit

When making tools to create with rocks, the prehistoric homo sapiens lived in caves, made their cloths out of the pelts of their prey, they made their hammers and nails out of rocks and made their weapons to hunt their prey out of rocks and sticks, but they fired their meat by creating fire, it is believed that when eating cooked meats, they're brains will be healthier and would gain more intelligence.

Human Migration Edit


Migration of Humans from Africa to other Continents

From 100,000 to 15,000 BCE, the first human kings moved out of Africa to Europe, Asia and Oceania to the Americas, but because of racial differences, climate was the cause, but in a thousand years, these racial differences would be looked at in prejudice ways, like Racism for example, for African people, they have a very long history than others.

The Chawosaurians may saw other Races in prejudice behavior, but it is apart of emotional feelings that can lead to hatred, but the Chawosaurians would use Racism as a tool to create a race of their own.

Chawalliankalitanity Edit

Arctic Chawallian Empire

Chawalliankalitan Empire that lasted from 100,000,000 BCE to CE 1895

In 100,000,000 BCE, the Chawosaurians had moved out of Africa before the others and were evolutionized on the Arctic Circle, they had developed red skin and green eyes, as Juramaia, they had green eyes or because of climate, they developed green eyes. But when Civilization arose from human idealism, the Chawalliankalitans had ideas for their Civilization also, they developed their own ancient religion of believing in the god, Chawigold and he was the highest of all.

Chawalliankalitanism Edit

Chawalliankalitanism was and is the ancient ethnic religion of the Chawosaurians, it is worshiped today by the relatives of the Chawosaurians themselves, the Kalitans, which had split in 1895.

Chawigold's Story of Creation and teachings of life Edit

Chawigold was born into space and with a twin brother, Chawistar, Chawigold was handed a gold ball, when touching the gold ball, the ball turned into ice, when Chawistar was handed another golden ball, the ball turned into fire, they were told that one of the balls will change into the Ball of Color (Earth) and Chawigold's ball had changed into the ball of color which it's earth, but when Chawistar's ball never changed at all, Chawigold and Chawistar fell under a brotherly conflict, when the first humans were founded, and nature created itself, the Deadly Balls were giving to a father and his children, the balls destroyed them all and disease and human intolerance of hatred began which called Anti-Nature, which of it is clear that everything fell apart, the fight between Nature vs Anti-Nature began and Nature won.

Civilization of Chawalliankalitanity Edit

Chawalliankalitanity had a great civilization, they lived on the arctic side of Canada, Russia and mainland Greenland and they traded with the Inuit Tribes and other Arctic and Alaskan Indian Tribes and they have had Inuit and or Arctic Coats and were very warm, they had Emperors and most of them gave them boundless freedom, but the Civilization of Chawalliankalitanity changed when the Vikings settled on the Arctic Seas.

Relations with the Vikings Edit

In the Viking Age, the Chawalliankalitans and the Vikings had met, but they had wars between each other, they had peace until 1000 CE, the Vikings were Christians, they invaded the Chawalliankalitans and started the Chawallianic Wars, the part of the Vikings began a new religion that is fighting against the Chawalliankalitans, the Vikingian Christians and the relations with the Chawalliankalitans and the Christians were nasty and mean.

Colonization of the Americas Edit

European Colonies in the Americas

European Colonies of the Americas

The Chawalliankalitans saw the problems with the Europeans colonizing the Americas and heard the news that the Aztec and Maya and Inca got slaughtered by the Spanish, the Chawalliankalitans got worried, but the Chawalliankalitans defeated the vikings during the Viking Age and they were pretty successful with defending themselves from the Vikings, but the Chawalliankalitans were hoping that they would be successful with the Europeans, the Chawalliankalitans feared the time of the Europeans, the Chawalliankalitans supported the American Revolutionary War of Independence and the United States had became the first country to successfully break away from a powerful European Empire, Canada was the last largest colony until 1867 to 1931, leaving Greenland, the last largest European Colony in North America, even today.

Chawosauria began to realized how brutal were the colonists were to the Native Americans and had felt this needs to stop.

First Brutal War (1860-1895) Edit

The First Brutal War was the war that ended Chawalliankalitanity, fell under division, the war that split Chawallianity and Kalitanity apart and the war was between the Chawalliankalitans and the Europeans and the Germanile Sabers.

Chawosauria (1900-1975) Edit

The Chawosaurians had renamed themselves as Chawosaurians from Chawbalitans and they had a new principal of Chawosauria, Jonathan Santiago and he served from 1900 to 1973. Chawosauria had signed the Ordinance of Chawosauria Act that was a document signed into law that banned Christianity internationally, in 1938, Chawosauria was looking for immigrants to welcome into the government and also they welcomed Timothy Max Roosevelt into Chawosaurian Citizenship with document order.

Secularization of Chawosauria Edit

The Secularization of Chawosauria was an era, a period that the Chawosaurians overthrow Religious Authority from the government and the churches, temples or others have no rights of religious international authority, the Chawalliankalitans were under their own ethnic religious theocracy until 1941.

Rationalization of Chawosauria Edit

The Rationalization of Chawosauria was a period and era that the Chawosaurians Abandon Religion and Traditional Values and stick to Atheism because of Charles Darwin's discovery of evolution, and the theory of the big bang and this was signed in to law by the Rationalization of Chawosauria Act which was signed by supreme principal, Jonathan Santiago in 1900.

Socialization of Chawosauria Edit

The Socialization of Chawosauria was a period that State Atheism was want to get rid of culture and to abandon traditional values.

World War 1 (1914-1918) Edit

Germany invaded Europe in 1914 and began the great war, Chawosauria did got involved in World War 1 and when Russia fell under the Russian Revolution of 1917, Chawosauria thought of it as very important problem, but when Germany, Austria-Hungry and the Ottoman Empire surrendered in 1918, Chawosauria celebrated until 1920.

Great Depression Edit

Chawosauria did suffered the great depression and Chawosauria did rebuild their economy with their own version of the New Deal, under the presidency of Timothy Max Roosevelt.

World War 2 (1939-1945) Edit

WW2 Allies

World War ii in 1941

Chawosauria got involved in World War ii and became the greatest player in the war, Timothy Max Roosevelt ordered over millions of troops to Germany more than any other Chawosaurian Nation, Chawosauria was really the biggest player because of the Reservation of Chawallianity and Chawosauria was very able to defend the USSR and in April to May of 1945, Nazi Germany surrendered in Europe and had celebrated until the beginning of the Cold War.

Chawallianity Edit

Chawallianity was a fascist system of the organization in Chawosauria, but the Chawallians want power over the Chawosaurians and in the Second Brutal War, the Chawallians were ruled under a ruler named, Timothy Max Roosevelt and he was in charge of destroying Chawosauria in the war and they had brutalized all of Chawosauria.

Nationalization of Chawallianity Edit

Chawallian Flag

Imperial Chawallian Flag was the flag of Chawosaurian Nationalism until turned into a flag of Chawallian Fascism

The Chawosaurian Flag was replaced with the Imperial Chawallian Flag of Imperial and Fascist Nationalism, the Chawallians were very brutal to the Chawosaurians, during Timothy Max Roosevelt's years of horror rule, the evil empire, the Imperial Chawallian Empire had longtime ruled over Chawosauria with fear.

The Chawallians did not shown any mercy to all men, women and even children, they shot anyone who dared to escape, it can be a family, the horror brutality between the Chawallians and how did they deal with the Chawosaurians was in the wage of dominance.

The Chawallians were currently racists, they wanted an ethnicity of black hair, red skin and green eyes, that was the ethnicity of Timothy Max Roosevelt and according to Timothy himself, Timothy was basically designed as Hitler, Stalin with Antichrist like of Character, Chawosauria was all over the world and Timothy conquered them all, basically he conquered all Chawosaurians from Oceania to Asia to Europe and Africa and the Americas and he conquered Antarctica, Timothy was worshiped by the Chawosaurians and was believed tobe a god, a living god and they obeyed and followed his teachings, according to other minorities of Chawosauria such as the Christians, they looked at Timothy as the Antichrist until he died on May 13, 2011.

Chawallianity's relations with Christianity was tortuously horrible, Timothy Max Roosevelt was radically Christianophobic who Famined, Dissected and even Cannibalized by facing Being Drowned in Boiling Oil, Being cut to peaces with their arms and legs hanged and were dipped in Lava.

Timothy Max Roosevelt Edit

See: Timothy Max Roosevelt's Capital Punishments and Concentration Camps in Chawosauria

Timothy Portrait

Timothy Max Roosevelt was the Monarch of Chawosauria from 1976 to 2011

Chawallian Ruler, Timothy Max Roosevelt was ranked as the #1 most evil ruler in Chawosauria, he tortured those who were considered alienable to his eyes, Timothy was Hitler like, but was Satan like, Timothy drowned people in boiling oil and chemical water and dipped them in Lava. Timothy had famined, Dissected and Cannibalized Christians, dipped Jewish people in boiling chemical water and oil and then lava, Timothy had slaughtered many conquered people of his conquered nations, the Chawallians had even raped women even though Timothy did not passed policies against rape or disciplined his soldiers for rape. Timothy ruled with an iron fist with the Chawosaurians and he ruled with the hand of Satan with many and many tortuous situations and in 2011, Timothy had died.

The Chawallians were killed as well, Timothy fed those who were immigrants or any, to his pet Anaconda Snake, Bessie and those who had disrespected Timothy, they were send to Satan's Bathtub, the shower fossil doesn't shoots out water, it shot fire at the victim from the shower fossil, the bottom releases black widows and scorpions and eat alive the victim.

Timothy was an unforgiving father, he killed one of his children in Satan's bathtub, it was not a good thing to have Timothy as a father. Timothy had only one chosen and embraced son, Timothy Max Roosevelt ii and was the first son of Timothy tobe born during the Dictatorship of himself.

Revolutionization of Chawosauria Edit

After the Death of Timothy Max Roosevelt in 2011, the Chawosaurians had began to march of protest for liberation from the Chawallians in the Chawosaurian Liberation Movement and the Chawosaurians had been protesting from 2011 to 2015.

Liberation of Chawosauria and Independence of Chawmania Edit

Because of the signing of EPICE, Chawmania was remain independent from Chawallianity and Chawosauria was liberated from Chawallianity. But problems began to erupt, Chawallianity said they would be no succession without war.

Liberalization of Chawosauria Edit

Chawosauria is falling under Liberalism compare to the Freedom of Religion Movement, the Chawosaurian Feminist Liberation Movement and the Chawosaurian Ethnic Civil Rights Movements and the Gender Identity Equality Movement and the Revolution of Democracy and the Freedom of Speech and the Press and International Cooperation.

Geography Edit

Geography and Climate

Geography and Climate of the world

Chawosauria does not debate on anything about global warming, but are concern about it, science is one thing the Chawosaurians are concern about, speaking about their climate health, they are different from the Humans, they were very able to survive any arctic and hot areas unless climate gets deadly.

Their Geography is really not different from the Human World, the Chawosaurians face biosphere issues and they do get way many support from their Government in the spot.

Climate Edit

Chawosauria is very important because of Global Warming, Chawosauria has a number of very bad climates because of Timothy Max Roosevelt's Slave and Peasant Factories dominates all of Chawosauria and hardly made any profits since Timothy's death in 2011, Chawosauria's peasant workers had died of famine each hour since Timothy died, sometimes when Timothy was still dictator.

The Rebels are planning on shutting down most of their factories and leave those factories in the arctic side, open for workers who are wanting to work and the Chawosaurians have Concentration Camps on the other side on these factories, when shutting down these factories, and freeing minorities from extermination under the Civil Rights Act of 2016.

Chawosauria wants normal climates by removing their factories, putting an end to global warming problems and Chawosauria has a plan on how to get their climates normal, add factories in many biospheres, when facing abnormal climate, the factory must close down until the climate recovers and how would the workers get money is from the Equal Class.

Landscapes Edit

Ancestral Landscapes Edit

Chawalliankalitan World

Sky of the Oceans is believed by the Ancient Chawalliankalitans as the souls of the emperors looking down on earth under Chawigold's guidance

Chawosauria has the most famous landscapes in Chawosauria because of the Chawalliankalitans, the sky of the ocean is believed by the Ancient Ancestors of the Chawallians and Kalitans as the souls of the Chawalliankalitan Emperors looking down on Chawosauria under the protection of Chawigold, the ancient Chawallian God that is still being worshiped by Kalitans and the Chawallians saw the sky as the symbol of their ancestors as important part of Chawallian Heritage, the landscapes of Chawosauria or landscapes that were owned and or ruled over by the Chawalliankalitans are part of Chawosaurian Heritage and pride.

Snowy Mountains

White Trees are the symbol of Chawosaurian Heritage as well and are now part of the Landscapes of the United States, they were believed by the Chawalliankalitans as the Field of the White Spirits of Chawigold.

Chawosauria's greatest desires for landscapes are very rare in Chawallian Pride, the Chawalliankalitans were very faithful to the landscapes in the United States and or Canada and Siberia which is in Russia, the Chawalliankalitans believe they were already in heaven, when the babies were born, it means the baby was the soul of someone who just died, everybody in many backgrounds are all welcome, but when death, it is believed that they'll be reborn with worthy and would join the spirits if worthy again, but if sinned, the spirit will never be reborn when death.

Crystal Mounts

Snowy landscapes today are Chawosauria's important to heritage and today not just the important

Chawosauria admire their ancestors' landscapes and they admire the landscapes that are now owned by their other countries that were dominated by their ancient ancestors, the Chawosaurians believe the landscapes are the most blessed by their god even though so very most Chawosaurians are Atheists and Agnostics, the demography of Chawosaurians who still believe in Chawigold, is 12% while those who are Atheists are 90.457%.

Chawosauria has a number of those who wants to deal with global warming because the Chawosaurians want to protect the climate of their ancestors' once owned landscapes that are located in the arctic circle.

Foreign Landscapes Edit

Yellowstone Mammoths

Mammoth Yellowstone is Chawosauria's top beloved foreign landscape of the United States

Chawosauria enjoys all foreign landscapes, especially Yellowstone in Wyoming, the Chawosaurians deeply enjoy China's mountains and the Chawosaurians have many interests in the grand canyon, Chawosauria's desire for the great barrier reef when Timothy said and by quote, "the great barrier reef is the most adventuress landscape to explore for the Chawallian People" the Chawosaurians enjoyed touring through the great barrier reef, the Chawosaurians issued the Freedom of Tourism Act in 2016 issued by Samantha Wawetseka and the Chawosaurian and Chawmanian Supreme Court wanted to speak of the Mountains in Colorado other than the great barrier reef and all wanted to address the Yellowstone.

Chinese Landscapes

Chinese Landscapes

Landscapes in China interests Chawosaurians and under the Freedom of Tourism act, the Chawosaurians now have the freedom to explore the world, but Christians are still not allowed to explore anywhere under Chawosaurian Authority, Christian Travel Rights are not in the freedom of tourism act, Abooksigun Eluwilussit is opposed to Christian Civil Rights Act, Chawosauria does not allow Christians to travel because their minorities.

Chawosauria has other means to allow other minorities with travel rights, the Chawosaurians are issuing the Civil Rights Act of 2016, that only applies Ethnicity and Gender only, religion is not in the act, Chawosauria does discriminate on the basis of religion.

Colorado Landscapes

Mountains in Colorado

Chawosauria has greater interest in Colorado, unfortunately Samantha Wawetseka was from Colorado, Chawosauria loved Colorado but not the Chawallians because Colorado is a US State, Chawosauria is allies and friends with the United States.

Chawosauria is not a military ally to the US but is a tourist ally, Chawosauria does not like Colorado's largest religion but does enjoy their Liberalism, Chawosauria is transforming into a Liberal Nomad world.

Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef

Chawosauria has lots of interest in the Great Barrier Reef more than Shihuangdia or Ohalianity does, the Chawosaurians believe the great barrier reef was and is a great landscape, Australia is the capital country of Chawosauria, like Canberra is the capital city of Australia, Chawosauria has greater interest in Australia's landscapes than more Shihuangdians have.

Shihuangdia's lordmaster, Cameron McDonald visited the great barrier reef on June 20, 2015 and spoke his speech to the Chawosaurian rebels.

Geology Edit


Geology is Chawosauria's biggest interest in Geography

Chawosaurians enjoys Geology and support them on how to protect their own environment and Chawosaurian Children do have fun studying geology.

Unlike kids in the United States, Chawosaurian Children do enjoy going over the center of the earth and more, Religion is denied and Chawosauria does not listen to Religious teachings about the center of the earth and when it comes to religion, treatment would be nasty.

Lithosphere Edit

Chawosauria does study the layers of the earth as one of the biggest interests and how they study it, the scientists of Chawosauria had been discovering and studying the matters of the Lithosphere.

Center of the Earth Edit

The Chawosaurians do not teach that the devil lives in the center of the earth or it is called hell, they don't think Spirits or Souls can live in the center of the earth or in the sky, it is not their interest, as part of the Chawallianization of Chawosauria, it is clear that the Chawosaurians do not use religious but atheist views to educate their children.

Biodiversity Edit


Poster of Biodiversity

Chawosauria does recognize Animal Rights and do believe that Animals and Humans are not different but are as the plan for the earth as animals.

Chawosauria refuses to accept biblical teachings about humans and animals, and plants are the same, the Chawosaurians do not believe organisms have souls and Chawosaurians discipline students who deny those statements.

But the Chawosaurians are in favor of strict disciplinarian educations about the dangers of religion and how much damage it causes.

Chawosauria studies the importance of species, animals and plants and the federal education acts states Biodiversity is important to the environment.

Meteorology Edit


Whether in Australia

Chawosauria studies whether and also do so in schools, to Chawosaurians, natural disasters are caused by nature and almost everybody believes that, Volcanoes and Hurricanes and Tornadoes and Earthquakes and all part of nature, but not caused by a god or controlled by a god, in Chawosauria, there is no religion.

Tornadoes Edit

Chawosaurians face tornadoes the same locations humans get tornadoes, the Chawosaurians do have tornado alarms and do get prepared for them.

Hurricanes Edit

Like Humans, Chawosaurians do face hurricanes, and are shelters and Chawosaurians do not teach revelations, to Chawosaurians, the "End of the World" is a science fiction and does compare to religion which is still being recognized as science fiction.

Volcanoes Edit

Chawosaurians are always prepared for volcanic eruptions, the Chawosaurian Government mostly prohibits Chawosaurian Tourists from going to Hawaii or California because they got volcanoes.

Earthquakes Edit

Chawosauria does get prepared for earthquakes and when it comes to underwater earthquakes, the Chawosaurians do not get prepared for, sometimes Chawosaurians who get struck by underwater earthquakes when Timothy Max Roosevelt was ruler, their profiles were deleted from History.

Demography Edit

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Ethnicity Edit

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Religion Edit

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Economy Edit

see: Arsenals of Socialism
Chawosauria's economy is low, but being somewhat reformed narrowly.

Government Edit

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Administrative Divisions Edit


Continents of Chawosauria: the administrative divisions of Chawosauria. Despite the Chawosaurian Civil War, and Chawosaurian Revolution, this is the modern map of Chawosauria until the Results of the end of these conflicts. These are Chawosauria's Provinces as of 2016.

Administrative Divisions in Chawosauria are very important to Chawosauria's government because of federalism, Shihuangdia is planning on joining Chawmania and so important to annex Ohalianity into Chawmania. Cougaria would refuse to join Chawmania and as the most important to annex the Confederacy into the Chawmanian Empire.

Administrative Divisions Edit

Continents Edit

The Continents will be under the Continent Union as the greater administrative division that unites all of the secondary divisions, or would be the official name for Chawmania or Chawosauria.

Regions Edit

Chawosauria considers the regions as the importance, the regions are tobe the ones that unites the continents, the region divisions are to unite the continent and be under one continental government under one international imperial government.

Subregions Edit

Chawosauria considers the subregions as the ones that unites the region and all tobe under one regional governments as under the continental governments as under the international government of the whole Continent Union.

Provinces Edit

The Province is to unite the region, sometimes the subregion, Siberia is a region, subregion and province, the province is the government of Parliament of the regional and continental and international governments of the Continent Union of the Chawmanian Empire.

Oblasts Edit

Chawosauria has Oblasts.

Education Edit

(see: Education System of the Empire of Chawosauria)

When it comes to education, Chawosauria is a traditional economy. Teachers must inherit their positions from their parents.

Laws and Rules Edit

Chawosauria has advanced laws and the most strict ordinances, the most ruff statutes.

Penalties for crimes Edit

Chawosauria repealed the death penalties of Timothy Max Roosevelt in 2016 and replaced them with the penalty of Slavery if murder, death for discrimination and or murder or attempted murder and assault and life imprisonment for minor crimes such as stealing, robbery, fighting and more.

Laws against religion Edit

Chawosauria has zero tolerance for religion and in 1938 to 1945, anti-religious laws were passed and the biggest ones are the anti-christian laws.

Laws against Christianity Edit

In Chawosauria, Christianity is illegal and carries the death penalty until 2016. The Chawosaurians do not tolerate Christians and had rewrote the laws that Christians can believe in god but not Christ, but they cannot worship.

Anti-Discrimination Laws Edit

By 2016 under the Civil Rights Act of 2016, Chawosauria does not discriminate on the basis of Race, Gender, Political Ideology and Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.

Culture Edit

Chawosauria's liberal rebels when succeed from Chawallianity in the 2015 Compromise, Cultural rights will be planned, the Chawosaurians would legalize Halloween by October 1, 2016 and not Christmas because it is a Christian Holiday.

Halloween Edit


Halloween Poster in Chawosauria

Since 2003, Halloween has became Chawosauria's most outlawed holiday and because Halloween was founded as a Christian tradition from Europe, Halloween was illegal until during the Chawosaurian Liberation Movement, Chawosaurians are very enjoyable towards Halloween because of the candy and costumes and Halloween is being celebrated in the human world almost worldwide, but in Chawosauria, Halloween was illegally celebrated nationwide in each of their nations, it was not punishable to celebrate a holiday like Halloween, but Christmas is a capital crime.

SpongeBob SquarePants Edit

Spongebob Summer

SpongeBob Squarepants poster

Since 1999 to 2009, SpongeBob has became the most enjoyable for all Chawosaurian Children, but TV was not allowed in Chawosauria under the Chawallian Regime, but were story books of SpongeBob made and based from episodes, most were banned by the Chawallians, Chawosauria strictly get kids focus on their attention to their authorities off from SpongeBob, Chawosauria believes SpongeBob is fun to watch, but they still have a nation to run.

Marriage and Chawallian Law Edit

Chawosauria has restrictions between heterosexual and homosexual marriages, both types of couples except lesbians are allowed to marry, but the benefits are very different, Chawosauria believes in no equality with women, men owned women in marriage

Mhasalkar vs Chawmania Edit

Mhasalkar vs Chawmania

Hindu Freedom of Religion Movement protesters

In November 21, 2015, a Hindu man was arrested in Chawosauria at the airport for having a Hindu religious book of text with him, he was brought to the Chawosaurian Police Department and was arrested, he was brought to court and was found guilty, but he said he wanted to got to the Supreme Court of Chawmania and when as he got there, a new case was brought, the Mhasalkar v. Chawmania court case.

The case would be able to strengthen the Freedom of Religion Movement and the Hindus may would be the first people to worship with religious freedom and the court case is being associated by supreme judge, Sharron Lawson.

Other Former Chawalliankalitan Worlds Edit

Chawosepia Edit

Chawosepia is a world that where Chawosaurians live in other worlds other than Chawosauria.

Chawotopia Edit

Chawotopia is another world split from the Chawosaurian World.

Behaviors Edit

Tensions Edit

Chawosaurians often have negative tensions towards each other, Chawosaurians get into higher rates of Fights, Anger and Prejudice. Chawosaurians bully each other mostly and lots of time Kill each other.

Sex Edit

Thanks to the Timothy Max Roosevelt Regime, Chawosaurians have mental confusing problems with Sexual Activity, they often practice sexual practices normally as other species, but they have sorry problems with their partners on demanding for sexual practices, the Marriage Rate is 16% low and Premarital Sex is at 86% high. Despite Higher Rates of Sexual Activities, No STD has yet plagued Chawosauria.

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