In the Chawosaurian Civil War, an Empire Christian is a Christian who is loyal to the Empire of Chawosauria and is opposed to the Bismarckian Empire and reject the theology of the Christians who follow Bismarckia. Empire Christians demand to claim Citizenship from Chawosauria and not Bismarckia. Empire Christians have close ties with Chawoversian Christianity. Empire Christians reject Christian Fundamentalism.

The term "Empire Christian" referred to Christians who are loyal and patriotic to Chawosauria as a great Empire and they respectfully refer to Chawosauria as the "Empire of Chawosauria", earning the term "Empire Christian" meaning "Christians for the Empire".

Most Empire Christians are Progressives and Liberals, and they support the Liberal policies of Chawosaurian Emperor, Degotoga K. Atagulkalu. Empire Christians tent to support the so-called "Christian-left" and they openly criticize the "Christian-right" in often harsh ways. Many Empire Christians are Evangelicals but are Left-Wing Evangelicals. Empire Christians use the bible and the loving teachings of Jesus Christ to justify their reason to support a nation that systemically persecuted Christians and socially hated Christians.

Notable Empire Christians like Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery VII, Nicholas Dwight Bismarck (Jonathan Ludwig Bismarck II's brother), is also an Empire Christian ironically.

Response from Chawosaurians Edit

As public opinion continued to be negative and hostile towards Christians, Empire Christians have earned a plurality of trust from Chawosauria, an Atheist majority nation. Degotoga K. Atagulkalu announced his introduction of Section 130 and his desire to pass it to Constitutional Law, DKA heavily relied on Empire Christians to campaign for themselves and other religions who were disenfranchised by Section 126.

Empire Christian views on Degotoga K. Atagulkalu Edit

Degotoga K. Atagulkalu is not a Christian himself, but DKA is the favorite for Empire Christians. To many Empire Christians, DKA is viewed as a prophet of God, even though he was not a Christian. Empire Christians are divided on rather or not, DKA is either gonna, allowed into heaven regardlessly, or is so if Empire Christians ask God to welcome DKA by the time he dies. Empire Christians generally respect DKA's religion and cultural upbringing and religiously and politically support DKA no matter what.

Empire Christians have no interest in Christianizing Chawosauria like the Bismarckians do, Empire Christians support secularism and progressivism for Chawosauria. Empire Christians openly advocate for secularism, while the Bismarckians advocate for a Christian theocracy for Chawosauria.

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