On January 3, 2017, former Supreme Leader of the Empire of Chawosauria and the Patriarch of the Eluwillussit FamilyAbooksigun Eluwilussit, passed away of a stroke three days after leaving office. Following this family tragedy, Abooksigun's widow, Adsila Ahyoka, passed away of an accidental lethal injection, mistakenly thinking it was a flu vaccine an attempt to cure her influenza. Wawetseka Sequoia MacKenzie, Abooksigun and Adsila's eldest child and daughter, and more of their children, Dowanhowee Eluwilussit, Kanagagota Eluwilussit, Atkuweteau Eluwilussit, and Awenasa Eluwilussit all passed away of Cardiovascular Disease, they got this disease from their father genetically and had bad health as a result of it. 

The Eluwilussit family is a Canadian-American Native American family of Algonquian descent.  

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